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Pokemon ROM Changer

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Author's Webpage: http://www.geocities.jp/bt_vermeille/remodel/pokemon_bw/ | (B2W2)

Japanese Program. .NET 2.0 Required. Edits the ROM, not narcs.


Species Editor


Evolution Editor


Encounter Slot Editor


Move Editor


Download *TRANSLATED* Pokemon ROM Changer:

For ROM Hacks:

Bond697 has graciously provided decompiled code (via .NET Reflector). It's not the original code, but it compiles into the same program.

Original prc_bw2 (B2W2)

Original prc_bw (BW)

--Source for prc_bw2 translation (English)

--Source for prc_bw2's translation (JP)

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Hm ... i don't know ROM pokemon BW US is not work at all, but is working on japanese ROM xD (if i can fix that i will trying to edit This Source code)..

Hm my english is bad, i will trying test it for correct my bad english


is seem this tools was discover all value, but for unknown value is editable..

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@kaphotics: for now i just need help from someone to test on attack editor, and help translate on csv file, since i no have time to translate all with full speed... sorry about that. anyway i think is stable and is can be used for everyone, and is still can't read US/EU version or Patched version, if someone interesting to change C# source code (this tools- i was get it) to able read Pokemon BW US/EU version :3

this revision 4, i was translate on attack editor, but is not fully translated, is need reposition some label, button, combo box first.... maybe i will fixed it in another revision. but is can be used now.... some text is stored on csv, i just need csv is complete translate from someone. im translate main program only, and not csv file ...

http://www.box.net/shared/8pilq26qlioheeudfox3, any report for is not working anymore on pokemon BW japanese non patched version (DON'T ASK why is not working on US version), or is have wrong spell, please report in here :3

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Since you said you needed help in translating the .csv files, I looked through all those files and edited the rest of the locations (places.csv). Hopefully you or anyone didn't (finish) editing it. If so, that's fine. I've got the rest of the summer to go on.

Btw, if you want/can, make sure I translated it correctly. I don't want to give out files that aren't working properly.

I'm going to go and continue working on the others that I can do. If you don't need any help for any reason, say so before I work too hard. :P



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there you go, have fun. it recompiles from source no problem. not that that's the original source, but it doesn't matter.

the version in \prc_bw\bin\Debug has been decompiled fully and recompiled from source, with absolutely zero issues.

e: i don't think there's much to change to adjust it for the U version... someone else can handle that, though.

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Like this ? o.oa

       private void InputFile(FileStream fs)
           fs.Seek(0L, SeekOrigin.Begin);
           byte[] buffer = new byte[12];
           fs.Read(buffer, 0, 12);
           switch (this.GetVersion(buffer))
               case Version.Black:
                   this.toolStripStatusLabel3.Text = "BLACK";

               case Version.White:
                   this.toolStripStatusLabel3.Text = "WHITE";
           this.skill = new SkillData[Program.SkillList.Count];
           fs.Seek((long) SKILL, SeekOrigin.Begin);
           for (int i = 0; i < this.skill.Length; i++)
               this.skill[i] = new SkillData();
               fs.Read(this.skill[i].Data, 0, 0x24);
           this.place = new PlaceData[Program.PlaceList.Count];
           if (this.toolStripStatusLabel3.Text == "BLACK")
               fs.Seek((long) PLACE_B, SeekOrigin.Begin);
           else if (this.toolStripStatusLabel3.Text == "WHITE")
               fs.Seek((long) PLACE_W, SeekOrigin.Begin);
           for (int j = 0; j < this.place.Length; j++)
               this.place[j] = new PlaceData();
               fs.Read(this.place[j].Data, 0, 0xe8);
           this.poke = new PokemonData[Program.PokeList.Count + 1];
           fs.Seek((long) FAMILY, SeekOrigin.Begin);
           for (int k = 0; k < this.poke.Length; k++)
               this.poke[k] = new PokemonData();
               fs.Read(this.poke[k].Data, 0, 60);
           this.evolve = new EvolveData[Program.PokeList.Count + 1];
           fs.Seek((long) EVOLVE, SeekOrigin.Begin);
           for (int m = 0; m < this.evolve.Length; m++)
               this.evolve[m] = new EvolveData();
               fs.Read(this.evolve[m].Data, 0, 0x2c);

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@neltazero: yes, i was modified some hex offset map on SC, well is success, i was can repointer stat pokemon and evo pokemon, i just need time for repointer wild pokemon, attack/skill. in my test is on U.

the main problem is on wild pokemon data, if you heavy edit on dialog narc, it will broken~ so is need a clean or [patched -not sure work]

http://www.box.net/shared/s3g0qsu3d96yaztponp5 maybe is help you for editing US version (patched or clean)

in rev 2 is was tested on US clean/patched, and Is seem E version is working too

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Is source code for my mod .. http://www.box.net/shared/uq6htt4p9h62htz36qfd, for won't register, i don't know since i just change text on attack editor section....

edit 1# : this tools was replace some byte (on:bullet seed / タネマシンガン) is look replace with new one (left is edit by this tools, right is clean data)


Is from clean ROM/patched ROM without modified on attack data:


if is rejected on game maybe is have some limited ?

EDIT2: i was edit on skill.csv (just name only) you can download on http://www.box.net/shared/g92h7astnmpx6ehgpjad for updating (is just name only)

item.csv is like not complete list of item :/ some is not listed here (i compare list of item on a/0/0/2 ...)

spec.csv is containing ability text...


http://www.box.net/shared/ujxlk1aj6tf0ccnbt9j3 (BUILD 7) --> maybe is final

- This build was able read US / EU ROM, clean or patched version.

- 100 % complete translate on skill.csv, spec.csv,item.csv, group.csv (Alphabet list)

- poke2.csv, poke.csv for alternative form, i will translate it later (ID number list)

- 70 % complete translate on place.csv, some csv file

- 80 % Main Tools, i just need testing on attack editor for sure, and some text is need testing~

- unknown on stat pokemon was give a label like MoveTutor value, Height, Weight , number of alternate form, alternative byte, ect

- is complete encoding UTF-8 so you can translate from my sourcecode into any language character (on text / csv too)

- On evolution data is almost done translated but is just weird in some word. well is need checking and comparing

- Attack editor: i not sure is correct, is need correction on text, discover some unknown value, is need more test (until now i not test it xD sorry i busy with another task so i no fully touch my emulator-i just checking only not debugging xD)

- maybe i will can support for another language ROM, like korean or another? but i just have Korean, English, Japanese, Eroupe version.

after this time i will not on my laptop, yeah holiday :3

nb: sorry for delay for supporting U/E, i just waiting someone to release for US/EU version, but until now none; so i decide quickly to edit SC for read US/EU version.

Edited by Andibad
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I'm not sure if you (Andibad) actually need or want my help, but I was able to "translate" a few files.

I didn't use Google Translate or anything, but instead looked at other reliable sites for the (accurate) Japanese and English translations.

I've based the .csv files on the already partly translated files that you did.

If any of the files don't work, let me know so I can see if I can fix them. They seem to be alright for me, except for the fact when I save files with "foreign" languages, it doesn't work right, so I have to have everything in English before I save the file. :(

If they do work, just say so.

Don't need my help, tell me that too. Don't worry, I'll understand.

I just thought that since we all have lives and all, I could take some of the load off your back.

The .rar file contains place, poke, poke2, s_category, s_condition .csv files.



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