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  1. Hey, I'm back! I just finished my provincial exam a few hours ago, and I can come back and play more. Well, not today, but I will patch the game and make sure it starts up correctly. Nice to see that we can play up to the credits. It'll keep people busy while you work on the post-game content. As usual, I'll give feedback and report any bugs. PS: Nice new website. A bit on the plain side, but good to keep things organized.
  2. @Oxnite: Ah, alright. Exams are coming up for me, I'm pretty busy as well. @randomspot555: Sorry, I'll be sure to do that next time.
  3. OT: I've finished up to the end of the beta for quite a while now, so hopefully you'll come back when Summer (break) starts.
  4. Pretty excited when I first learned about this. I find the "formes" really nice. I like almost everything about White except the tail. The tail on Black is the only part I like on it. I'll be getting at least one of the games. I just have to decide on which one...
  5. Sorry for the late reply, school and all... Well, when I find a (wild) Pokémon I look up what EVs it gives and fight it if it gives the ones I want. But I find it pretty time consuming and tedious, so I'm probably going to give it up. (I don't know how people can EV train.) There's no specific routes I train in, I just train wherever I am, really. In summary, EV training is boring and I can't continue. (I also can't comprehend why people EV train.) As for my progress, I'm working my way through to Opelucid City.
  6. Eevee is pretty cool on its own, so I kind of like it the way it is. While I'm training, I'm trying to get EVs as well. So that increases the one stat I'm going for (all of them are getting mostly Attack points). Usually I don't care about EVs or anything, but I felt that if I'm bored then I may as well do something that will help me during the game. So yeah, I train on wild Pokémon while getting Attack EVs. Or at least trying to. Edit (I didn't feel like adding another post): You might not hear as much progress from me now since school restarts tomorrow for me.
  7. I like Eevee the way it is and that I have no idea what to evolve it into anyway. No, Brycen wasn't too bad. I just had to go through his party a few times to see which Pokémon he had for me to send out the right one. I hate having my Pokémon faint on me. I especially hated his Lapras. I kept my Samurott out with a Fighting attack (don't really remember which) and Lapras used Thunder(bolt?) on me. Then I restarted the game to switch my Pokémon with something else instead. Don't change his Pokémon or anything though. Right now I'm in Dragonspiral Tower.
  8. For sure. Samurott, Staraptor, Luxray, Blaziken, Eevee, and Excadrill. All level 65-66. PS: I hate Brycen.
  9. Oh, yay! A new version to play! Even though a late Christmas present, it's all right. I'll be sure to look for any bugs. Keep them coming! Edit: Okay, I just started to fight Piloswine in the Icirrus City gym. I select Excadrill to use Rock Slide. I look away for a second, then I look back to see that Excadrill fainted. Sigh...
  10. I can't find it either. Even the player's characters don't have it in there. It was also the same with HG/SS. You could edit almost everything except that, so you might have to leave that be. (Which is pretty lame since you have almost everything perfect except for that one sprite.)
  11. I had a quick look back at the first page for no real reason and remembered the person who said Mew was the best for some reason you had. I wonder if you're still going with it, and what you're going to be doing... I've been really busy with school but managed to finish up to the end of this beta. I didn't notice anything weird. When winter break comes then I'll be on more often...probably.
  12. Geez, I missed the release date of the new beta... Anyway, just got it downloaded and all. I have a lot of homework to do (a poster, poetry booklet, science, theory) that are all due around Monday, so I might not be able to play the beta much. It seems you already have someone to help you out, so I won't worry too much. I'll try to keep you posted and you keep on releasing more and more stuff! (And hope my teachers don't be mean this winter and shove homework in my face.) Also, did I miss any items while staying in Driftveil City from beta 0.5? Am I able to get them?
  13. I didn't realize that you mentioned to post our teams so, here: Samurott, Staraptor, Blaziken, Eevee, Excadrill (I over-leveled my team, because I try not to lose main battles.) I'm not evolving Eevee 'cause I like Eevee the way it is.
  14. Yay, another beta! I've been busy with school lately, and don't really have much time for my own stuff. Whenever I can, I'll play and look for bugs (if any at all). Hm...skateboard project? Did I miss something? Gotta do homework...
  15. Well, that's what we're here for, right? To beta test? Sorta? Maybe not? Take your time, although I start school on the 6th.
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