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  1. Would't it be a good idea to only contribute with RNG'ED pokémon with all different natures and abilitys to get a real full collection plus serving as the best way to get the whole collection in a fast way? Like for instance flawless japanese dittos for matsuda method in each of the 20 usable natures or the most viable Chansey's (calm, Bold) with different eggmoves and abilitys. Of course this implies learning RNG for those who haven't or resorting to people who already know how to do it to contribute. But i find it as the best idea for regular pokémon found ingame.
  2. Reporting Polar Pattern Vivillon when region its set to Dominican Republic, National District.
  3. 3 bulbasaurs? that seems too exagerated, why not change those for other pokémon that dont appear normally in the game with their hidden ability also? the humilau eelektross was a nice idea, to strategically place an electric type for a trade before beating the water gym, great idea ! but i would suggest also to change it for another more unusual pokémon in unova with its hidden ability since its already pretty close to the pokémon league anyway. For gameplay. I guess it could be more of a challenge to include more tripples in unova, in comparison to R/S/E which had a lot of doubles since it was the first pokémon region to officially do double battles, unova is really short in tripples, that would give the game a different feeling, at least in my opinion...so at least include more tripples and rotation battles.
  4. Posting for the record, also tried the same steps and checked the video and everything (just to make sure im doing it properly) but got no response from the gts after setting up all correctly. I did this using my Pokémon Black 2 cartridge on a 3ds.
  5. Well in the end is their choice to do so or not, but as i said before, this is here if that opportunity ever shows up (rather die trying than live wondering what if). I believe in the plagiarizing subject that it only counts in the creation sense and not when actually making meta-game changes, but in the end even if they do use it, it would actually be considered mostly as suggestions rather than plagiarizing since they are the owners of pokémon in every single way anyway. But i dont know if you have noticed that they have considered this in the past in previous generations, as well as this current one, like when they slightly implemented the game difficulty in BW2, which i think was drayano the first one to actually implement this on his hack, and that couldnt be a magical coincidence. And i could point many other changes made so far just like that one on previous games, but as long as it is to enhance the pokémon experience, that should not matter much on any side of the spectrum, since they are the owners and can use any ideas they are given. I dont think it matters that much they take more into consideration the meta-game in japan than here, since in the end it will still be pretty much the same metagame and the first ones to actually think and complain about such thing as game balancing are the same japanese gamers since they are the major players and buyers of the game, but remember that anyway pokémon is a world wide phenomenon. In the rogue subject, i believe if you support the game by buying your copy, and you dont deliberately cheat or sell any based or modificated pokémon games there shouldnt be any reason for nintendo to be attacking you, they rather attack users individually that do all those things and never support the game, than to a whole forum or community that is just doing hackroms for fandom purposes to fulfill a dream that maybe they havent been able to achieve yet, which in the end serves them to improve the games and see what actually players want. Taking that into account if there is anyone they may look as rogues are those who download the games but never buy a copy of it. If we still want to get better pokémon games, then keep buying to support them. At least that is my way to look at things. Anyways its their call, but I mean no one loses anything by trying to dream, right?...and im glad you enjoy my ideas. Ps: Btw Orro, you´re still modifying the game even if you keep all the other abilities available, not that it matters that much anyway.
  6. It is possible to exceed the 24 move limit, at least using twisted fatal´s method, he explained how to do this on the thread for his level up moveset editor, try to search in the posts there and you will find how to do that via hex, but just so you know its a bit teddious since you will have to hex edit pretty much all pokemons level up movesets first in order to add the moves you will be needing after. As a suggestion just use andibad´s levep up moveset editor instead (it doesnt surpass the 24 move limit) but however you can replace moves that are not that important to the pokémon or that they already learn in other ways like tutors or tms, or simply remove completely any move that doesnt help them, (which is exactly what im doing for my Ashinyngray project) for example: I removed take down as a level up move from chinchou and lanturn on (Lv23) and replaced that with tail glow instead. Or in arbok´s case i replaced gastro acid (Lv44) for dragon dance, because arbok learns that move by tutor anyway in bw2.
  7. I do understand your point but i guess someone´s gotta think about this and its actually too sad in a generation were you have the whole Ying Yang theme not to have a balanced metagame. Anyways this is basically for the general use of hackroms, even if i what i do doesnt become widely popular, at least is there for whoever needs it, plus its more fun and competitive to actually have a balanced metagame in which you can play any pokémon without excluding any mons because of low stats and etc. Also as i said previously, maybe nintendo could lurk upon this someday and take it into consideration probably, since they have done so in the past with many other pokémon and make happy thousands of pokéfans over the world. But i will continue the project normally and then someday i may finish the hackrom and we´ll see from there on.
  8. Recently i was lurking on Facebook when suddenly a wild post appeared, showing several comments and also video (in spanish) teaching how you can easily level up your join ave. by trading...it seems this started as a facebook idea. They decided to start trading magnemite for magnemite on the global trading station and the gts negotiations in order to easily raise Join Ave. Status. This let me surprised since i would never had guest that this will be taken so seriously worldwide, currently magnemite is the most traded pokémon in gts trades because of this. That was a great idea on the person who came up with that. So here i am informing this to all of those people that like me didnt know anything about that, so you can join the magnemite trade chain link :grog:
  9. you could use my idea for the starters to be given by yancy and curtis instead and just redistribute the other pokémon around grottos or on the wild, you can find the post in here; http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?27052-Hex-Editing-Ingame-Trades-BW2-!&p=158182#post158182 as for pokémon locations try always to include pokémon inside a senseful or logic habitat, you can follow this list for reference; http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Habitat to correctly place each pokémon. On the abilities i agree with lady mirr that is tedious and doesnt help in the sense of having everything in the same rom, as for abilities and pokémon improvement you can check my ashinyngray project in my signature, since this is open for anyone who wants to use it, just remember to give credit that´s all... n_n
  10. Too bad, it was so much simplier that way, anyway thanks for letting me know, guess i will have to pick up the pace with editing the other files as well.
  11. Wow ! 380 views and no one has said anything yet. Anyways, Hi ! im a 26 year old pokéfan ! lol... You can find most of the info about the narc location on the BW2 roms here; http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?24589-B2W2-General-ROM-Info and the majority of the tools can be found inside the research and development section. Make sure to check the rom editing help section, you can find a lot of useful information in there to learn how to hex edit several different narcs and how to script on them, also check kaphotics youtube tutorials as well for scripting and other purposes. Rom editing can be a bit complex but not so much if you put your mind set to it, welcome and good luck on your project (this site sure has a very well picked name)
  12. Wow ! it really sounds simple ! nice work pichu !... really interesting all of the data B/W2 has helped to acquire, its so many info that i been looking at recently that i think my head is going to explode at some point because of all of the data lol. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, i simply love this forum !
  13. oh fruit ! i know nothing about editing ram lol, gotta learn that but thanks for pointing that out also. But by any chance do you have the parsed table for the gift pokémon and items? i would like to start editing that also.
  14. Dont know if this might help but i made several lists of things to take in consideration on a hack that can be used by all general hackroms for bw2. Example: with the next list you can include these pokémon on the hidden grottos located in those areas, since they already inhabit those places the pokedex will show them in there and that will make more sense to get them in the hidden grotto with their hidden abilities (i think im missing some, but most of them are there) and then you can relocate all others as only accessible trough gifts and trades etc. You could also add rhydon, diglett, dugtrio or sableye on dustclouds, fearow, pidgeotto, staravia or other birds in flying shadows, and on rippling water add more water pokemon that do not appear ingame, (taking in account the idea of yancy and curtis giving you all previous gen starters) also the starters given to you in unova should have their hidden abilities...i guess if we could find out how to copy the file info from the jellycent on undella bay we could make every possible pokémon that come out from flying shadows, rippling water and dust clouds to have their hidden abilities too, without having to place so many pokémon only available at hidden grottos, so you can better fit them into the appropiate habitat. Also this are some locations that you cant enter until beating the game: Blocked Game Locations - Skyarrow Bridge blocked for tests. - Route 16 - A veteran blocks mistralton cave inner path. - An elite four member blocks Twist mountain. - Excavator blocks clay tunnel. - A bunch of fat guys singing block black city. - zoroark blocks entrance to castle ruins. - Tubeline bridge blocked for tests. - Battle Instute. this info helps you to know where can you add or not some other pokémon so you can place them to come out after acquiring the national pokedex, which adds up to the fun after game, rather do a lot more stuff after game than before finishing the league, and of course some dialogue changes on some characters will be required. for example since the battle instute is block you could place in here several powerful characters to battle like brendan, ritchie, paul, etc. or another example since you can only access the trainer school on striaton city after passing the league you could substitute the old man in there teaching for roxanne and include in her text that she went to unova to learn new battling methods and to teach her own, or something similiar, etc. Those are just a few other simple general ideas i had come up with. Please make sure they fit their habitats properly when placed on all of these areas also for the sake of logic. Btw you must be a fan of the blond froggy sage ...just so you know that is also another hidden reason for the change i made on her (moved drought to torkoal and placed contrary on vulpix and ninetales, which fits like crazy) considering that she can become a major balanced player considering all the harm it can cause but also all the things that can stop her or surpass her, you could use this to centralize the story around her or at least place her as one of the main pokémon own by a major character in the story if desired. Another fix you could do on the previous talk we had about poison types to start with is to buff up gunk shot accuracy to 85% and poison chance to 10% just like a fire blast. and bump up poison jab to 100 power with 20% poison chance and boost the rest of them or add more effects to add on value, at least that´s what i did to help them in that sense. On the particular gigalith special side its not very appealing as an special attacker at least imo, i think that position suits better on archeops which also has the stats for that already or maybe nosepass or probopass if you raise their special attack stats. PS: Previously wasnt talking about removing intimidate on arbok but rather unnerve lol. On the part of the stat area i get you perfectly, just as you said they are important, but imo stats fixes are overrated because if you start to change all pokémon that dont have the standards of todays metagame youre going to pretty much end up buffing up a great quantity of pokémon and also lossing their essence on the process and in the end the stats usually wont determine how good it is, but rather their movepools, abilities and typing will decide that... I But as i usually say its only a friendly suggestion ... this is easily solved by making a poll to see what people would rather like if; buffing up more the stats of pokémon to fix them, make them usable and lose their essence, or looking for suitable combinations of abilities or niches to fix them while keeping the same base stats to balance them.
  15. LOL, that was funny.On the other hand by removing some moves from certain pokémon you can make more unique and useful other pokémon (which in the end most of the moves removed dont make much difference on most of those pokémon) while in others i can balance them more by removing certain moves as i explained previously, for example by removing nasty plot from thundurus or sword dance from garchomp and excadrill they lose their status as ubers and become a very good and balance pokémon which is more metagame friendly and also gives the players the option to be able to use those pokémon on the same tier which is basically the main purpose for my project, improving pokémon and helping them play at the same level. And of course by keeping this as a record for nintendo they may take a look at it and possibly consider some of these changes if they ever find it...which they have done in the past. And at the same time i use it to work on my hackrom project. And of course share my ideas with other players so they can use it on their roms to improve this same aspect if they wish to. but either way, i will take a look at your project and give you my opinion about several things i suppose...so basically that´s the reason for removing some moves from some pokémon while some others also were removed or added because of logic purposes, but always remember you can always critize and suggest, but its actually up to the person itself if they decide to go the other way around, since its their choice in the end.
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