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Pokémon Black & White Deluxe [v1 released]


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About the new beta.. I really try to release it soon.. However I'm still beta testing it. I'll try to upload it anyway, even though I myself didn't fully beta test it yet.

Well, that's what we're here for, right? To beta test? Sorta? Maybe not?

Take your time, although I start school on the 6th. :(

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for all the delay.. But I just want the final product to be perfect.

About Pokémon Black & White Deluxe..

I'm still working on it! Trust me. I'm still beta testing. I made some changes, so I want to give you this hint: after you defeat Clay, you should NOT enter Chargestone Cave because it has not been edited yet. However, literally everything before the Chargestone Cave can be entered and researched! I hope you know what I mean by this.. ^^ (keep this in mind when the new beta arrives).

Expect a new beta this week, and now for real. I've got to test Clay's gym only, so I hope to find some time for that Wednesday or Friday.

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Click here to download

Welcome to the official release of Pokémon White Deluxe: Bèta Version 0.5!

Thanks a lot for being a beta tester!

Please leave any comments, suggestions, errors, bugs and / or other feedback right here.

What's new in Bèta Version 0.5?


  • This beta version can be played until Chargestone Cave. You can observe, research
    and investigate ANYWHERE and ANYPLACE that precedes the Chargestone
    Cave, but DO NOT enter the Chargestone Cave YET.
  • New regions have been updated and can be explored, including: Driftveil City, Cold
    Storage, Route 6, Driftveil Gym, Mistralton Cave, Lostlorn Forest, Route 17, Route 18
    and P2 Laboratory!
  • The title screen has been changed!
  • Several Trainers (who appear before Nimbasa City) had their Pokémon (or Pokémon
    levels) changed / updated. (For example: Brock's Pokémon have been edited)
  • Some items had their place changed. If you only played until Nimbasa Gym so far, the
    only thing you've missed is an extra Thunderstone at the Desert Resort (which shouldn't
    be a big deal).
  • The Picnicker / Camper overworld sprites have been edited, because the red fluff on
    their head was buggy when they walked.
  • Chili, Cress and Cilan's mugshot and trainer sprites have been fixed. They used to
    share a common mugshot, but they now have different mugshots, determined by their
    position. Cilan's Trainer Sprite has been fixed, too.
  • The ''Skateboard project'' has been introduced and inserted.
  • Shellder now evolves with an Ice Stone.
  • Haunter now evolves with a Dusk Stone.
  • Tangela now evolves with a Leaf Stone.
  • Gligar now evolves while holding a Razor Fang.
  • Sneasel now evolves while holding a Razor Claw.
  • Karrablast now evolves while holding a Metal Coat.
  • Shelmet now evolves while holding a Reaper Cloth.
  • Machoke, Kadabra, Lickitung, Aipom, Yanma, Bonsly, Mantyke and Mime Jr. had
    their evolution levels edited.


@ O9/18/'11 9:16 pm PDT

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Great to hear, everybody! Thanks a lot for your interest!

If you have time, please update me about your current team (Pokémon party), which Gyms you found hard to defeat, etc. etc.

Yay, another beta!

I've been busy with school lately, and don't really have much time for my own stuff. Whenever I can, I'll play and look for bugs (if any at all).

Hm...skateboard project? Did I miss something?

Hah, no! I never revealed that before, actually, but you'll find out as soon as possible.

Anyway, no problem! Take your time -- I'm currently doing my homework too.. It's tiring. n.n''

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Sounds really good!

I think I might wait till it is finished though, so then I only have to download it once.

And you could always add new areas, like something simalar to Spear Pillar so Girantina, Dialga and Palkia can be caught...

Thank you!

About the new areas -- actually, it's currently impossible (for me) to add new regions / areas / etc. so don't expect them (in the near future).

I will keep working on it though and finish it soon.

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Currently I am playing BlazeBlack and VoltWhite, but I am looking forward to this...

Of course, ideally, someone would be able to create game with all 5 regions, and make it as in-depth as the games are currently, but I assume that would be a long way off.

Cool to know that you're looking forward to playing my game! When you start it, would you like to keep me updated about your progress? I would appreciate that.

About that amazing idea.. Yes, it would be the best game ever. But it's not going to happen, ever.

Each route takes so much space at the gamecard, it would never fit. Not to forget about the different graphics, storylines.. I like how Kanto was added after the Johto region, but was it really that fun? I personally don't think so because it lacked a storyline.

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I'm not working on a newer version at the moment because I'm very busy.. But I think beta 0.6 will only have slight changes, including Chargestone Cave, Route 7, Celestial Tower and Mistralton Town / Mistralton Gym. More than that, some old items will be edited because I want the gross of all TM's to be available before the Pokémon League. More about that soon!

Can't wait to play it fully, great work so far I keep checking back

Cool to know! Thanks for your support.

Well, I suppose it would work, but only if Nintendo released a new console with game cartridges that had a lot more space on them... So no time soon.


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I calculate all data for mapping is need ~80 MB or more , is include all map outside or inside... all texture for mapping... (is include script too for controlling that map), i think gamefreak will moving into 3DS for next game after pokemon BW, and 3DS is can more than 2 GB, and is fully 3D So for mapping is need more space and space....... is can > 200 MB (remember about 3D, is need 2 layers for make a 3D effect) ... so adding 5 region on 1 place is impossible (for hack) ..... because another data is need more space and is encrypted in future pokemon games~.

I not like all map in on one game, is not really fun for me, like HGSS all pokemon is turned into low level on kanto is really annoying for training......

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I didn't realize that you mentioned to post our teams so, here:

Samurott, Staraptor, Blaziken, Eevee, Excadrill (I over-leveled my team, because I try not to lose main battles.) I'm not evolving Eevee 'cause I like Eevee the way it is. :)

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I didn't realize that you mentioned to post our teams so, here:

Samurott, Staraptor, Blaziken, Eevee, Excadrill (I over-leveled my team, because I try not to lose main battles.) I'm not evolving Eevee 'cause I like Eevee the way it is. :)

Cool!! How did you like Clay? Was he hard to defeat? Or did you easily win because you have indeed over-levelled your team?

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I think this is a really great hack. The first gym was already really fun and the edits you made to the hack are really cool. How did you actually hack a new item in the game, I haven't seen that before in a DS hack.

Btw, why don't you have a supporter bar?

I actually edited an existing item.. That's how I did it.

About the supporter bar, I didn't have time to make one, I'll probably create one when I've released beta 0.6. Or, if one of you supporters has the time and skills to create one, go on!

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You should edit the code of the banner to this:


It's with a link included.

Edited by TheKrosver97
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You should edit the code of the banner to this:


It's with a link included.

Ah, yes of course, thank you! And thanks again for creating this banner.

Would you mind if I asked how you got the Elemental monkey giveaway person to give away the Hoenn starters? I want to do something similar only with Unova starters instead.

It has been explained here.

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Just started playing this rom hack. Pretty awesome so far. What kinds of plans do you have do you have for this game after the Pokemon League?

Here's an idea. What if you were to put another champion inside the beach house with Cynthia, perhaps Steven Stone :D

Change up his team so it's not a bunch of steel and rock types. BAM! Walk into the Undella beach house see both of them, they ask me to battle, I'm like "O-ohh shi-"

People would be so pumped to double battle these guys.

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