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Pokémon Black & White Deluxe [v1 released]


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello everybody!

I'm sorry that I haven't updated for so long. However, I'll release the newest patch very soon!!! Stay tuned.

Also, make use of this tip:

After defeating Clay and obtaining HM Surf, EXPLORE CAVES, ROUTE 17, ROUTE 18 AND OTHER POOLS / WATER SURFACES TO TRAIN YOUR POKéMON! You'll be able to train your entire team about 3-4 levels that way.

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so how do we use our old saves with the new patch?

You should get a new, unpatched, untrimmed Pokémon White Rom (European). Then, patch that rom.

After that, make sure that the old save file matches the newly patched rom's title (the titles should be the same). Then, use the patched rom file. The old patched rom can be removed.

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Click here to download

Welcome to the official release of Pokémon White Deluxe: Bèta Version 0.7!

Thanks a lot for being a beta tester!

Please leave any comments, suggestions, errors, bugs and / or other feedback right here.

What's new in Bèta Version 0.7?


  • This beta version can be played until Opelucid City.
  • New regions have been updated and can be explored, including: Icirrus City, Route 8, Moor of Icirrus, Dragonspiral Tower, Relic Castle and Route 9!
  • The Pokéball-Foongus and Pokéball-Amoonguss bugs have been solved.
  • More Pokémon locations have been fixed.
  • More item locations have been fixed.
  • The Aroma Lady at the Castelia Paintings Studio now hands out new items.


@ 12/29/'11 02:16 pm PDT

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Oh, yay! A new version to play! Even though a late Christmas present, it's all right. I'll be sure to look for any bugs. Keep them coming!

Edit: Okay, I just started to fight Piloswine in the Icirrus City gym. I select Excadrill to use Rock Slide. I look away for a second, then I look back to see that Excadrill fainted. Sigh...

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game progress
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