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Beta: the pokécheck legality checker for generation 5


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I've updated the Gallery's files for the PGTs. There was nothing wrong with the PCD side of things. Just the PGTs. When creating PGTs, it's important to take the first 260 bytes of the PCD, save that and name it into a PGT file. Older programs have problems when saving PGT files and can change when acquired on the save. In the case of tampering a PGT file, the location should be a specific one, since the Generation 4 games generate the location.

I advise everyone to create PGTs with this method through a Hex Editor. Either that, or simply use a newer program like PokeGen or one that doesn't need to handle Gift types since PCDs are the entire thing. If anyone can find anymore errors with PGTs, please report them to the Event Gallery Error Reporting thread. That way we can fix these types of errors for future downloads.

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Let this serve as an example for others:

It doesn't help when you delete a Pokemon. This is not a thread to ask why your hacks come out as hacks, or why certain aspects of your hacks are getting flagged -> how to fix them.

Please report any pokémon either incorrectly reported as hacked or new ideas to detect currently undetected hacks.

Always include a link to the incriminated pokémon if you can. You don't have to make it public.

As such, any request to make a Pokémon legal for Wifi or any official or non official tournament will be ignored and can get you banned by the moderation team.

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Found an error, Pokemon from the Dream World with absolutely no DW ability (Misdreavus in this case) should not have the DW flag, but when they do (hacked or bred from hacks) they are still showing up legal on Pokecheck.

Neither one of these is mine, the caught one was captured by a known and respected RNGer, the bred one was what alerted me to this error.

What a Misdreavus from the DW should look like.

What it shouldn't look like.

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Sorry, looks like I could have been clearer on what I meant by "absolutely no DW ability", I was referring to things with only levitate and the like that have no DW ability when they come from the Global Link, things like Starly and Flygon can still have the DW flag as they get it from an evo/prevo from the DW and can pass it on to their offspring, although I have no idea how DW Shedinja should work as I have not bothered to hack a DW Nincada to test.

As is DW Starly are showing up as "Invalid or unreleased Dream World ability."

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This Corsola is my first Everstone RNG abuse in Emerald (on an emulator). Pokecheck recognize its PID as Non-everstone Egg PID.

Here is some details:

- Egg Initial Frame: 43330 (seed: A87262AA) ~ Timer: A930

- Egg Decision Frame: 43331 (seed: 0C402ED5) ~ Timer: A930

- Everstone Calc: 43332 (seed: 13573724) ~ Timer: A930, frame 0


- Last PID calculation: 43402 (seed: DFF1B232) ~ Timer: A930, frame 70 (seed: 87833FDE).

Edited by RainThunder
Thanks Kaphotics for the help!
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The emerald eggpid check doesn't aim to get every PID obtainable; it simply lists the lowest frame seed/option. The one that is listed on the page (9383) is much lower than the (A930) seed you hit. It's simply an earlier seed.

Pokecheck is saying "It's possible for this PID to exist, so here's an example seed that would have you get this PID"

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I'm wondering if this is a problem, when I pal parked my pokemon into HG (J), some pokemon trash bytes turned out invalid.

Is this strictly a pal park to HGSS problem or is it the checker.

I've went to the extent of "cloning" 6 same pokemon on pokestock gba, and pal park all 6 of them, and only some trash bytes are valid.

This time round it is done on HG (U).

Just curious to find out if this is a known problem :D

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I recently uploaded a Hatched Bidoof with a Scrubbed Moveset. Should no Moveset really be RED? That seems more of a CAUTION to me then a RED/HACKED Warning.

please read the first post; provide links on things you think are false positives.

you can't remove every single move on a pokemon ingame, so a blank moveset can't happen (thus red)

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The Lati twins are reported as having Psychic, Dragon Dance, and Dragon Pulse as valid moves, but the explanation is wonky: as a level-up move inherited from their parents. We suspect this is a trend for all of their level-up moves which are not also TM moves.

Thanks for your diligence! Also, there are 25 Keldeo which need some deleting: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=search&pokemon=647

EDIT: It is also affecting other gendered legends such as Heatran. Check out Stone Edge: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=807130

This one says the same thing about Earth Power, a tutor move: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1059508

EDIT2: Genies affected as well, confirming that this is not isolated to previous-generation legendaries. Thundurus inherited Thunder from his father(?): http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1160392

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hey guys, i received this regice through gts just a few days ago. i used the checker and i am still unsure if it is a cleverly hacked pokemon or just some information gets lost or sth after poketransfer. could someone please help? thx

PS: if it is allowed on gts then it shld b legit, right?



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Just RNG'd a Gen 4 Krabby (SS), and it's appearing illegal in the legality analysis. Picture of RNGReporter with all relevant data (Seed BB16028A, Frame 190 was the target) found here: http://i47.tinypic.com/2mr8lfq.png

Specific Pokemon, with legality analysis, found here: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1272394

Already checked with Hozu on the shoutbox, and he confirmed validity. Advised I should report it here.

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