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  1. As the name of the topic suggests, options to add the Treehollow Key and Unlock Forest are missing in BW2 saves (Misc Editor, Unlocked Keys) Only Black City and the City Key are shown
  2. As the title implies, when all 24 Wonder Card slots are full, they can't be swapped, also, deleting a Wonder Card leaves an empty slot which, AFAIK, could cause problems when such empty slot is located between two occupied slots
  3. I only modified those in the first range (0xA7D0 through 0xA810), since the ones in the second range (0x4A7D0 through 0x4A810) were already at 0, although i found out about the edit halfway through the process... nevertheless, it worked, and i hope no further problems related to communication arise... Thank you for taking your time to solve each and every problem with PokéGen That change is necessary for HG/SS files too?
  4. Well, i hex-edited the PokéGen-injected save (used HxD Hex Editor but for some reason, the program recognized it properly (it didn't force me to select the save type) but i saved again my save file using PokéGen 3.1.8 just to be on the safe side and it worked! i can now share normally! (i hope this also fixes the Union Room "Communication Error" from an earlier thread) I take the time for thanking you for all your hard work putting together a great tool! Thank you so much! PS: May i suggest you grey out the C-Gear option when loading Gen 4 save files?
  5. That's good to know. About the Pokédex language bytes, do those bytes have anything to do with which language the Pokédex displays for a particular species?
  6. None other than those 2, but if you need it, i can start a new file and get to the point where Mystery Gift is available to do a "clean" test using the PCD file
  7. There seems to be a problem when inserting shareable Wonder Cards into Pokémon Platinum... i tried inserting a modified, shareable Wonder Card into a Platinum save file in order to share it to an original cart, but when inserted using PokéGen 3.1.7, i get an error as soon as i click the Share option in the Mystery Gift menu (a blue screen which just says that an communication error has occurred, no code or anything. The blue screen appears on DesmuMe 0.9.7, using a Flashcard and even when inserting the save file into an original cart)... I have another program that can insert Wonder Cards into Gen 4 games called PMGE 1.4.2 Portable... since i've read before that using Pokégen can cause communication problems, i took my original, unaltered save and inserted the same Wonder Card using PMGE, surprisingly, it worked, which leads me to believe that Pokégen does really mess up wireless communication badly... i'm sending all 4 files for testing purpose: 1. The original, unaltered save file 2. The save file that has the Wonder Card inserted using Pokégen 3. The save file that has the Wonder Card inserted using PMGE 4. The Wonder Card itself (PCD file) i hope this info is enough to clarify this odd behavior... NDS_Saves.rar
  8. Technically, they hatch at Level 1, but in Pokégen, the Met at Level must be set to 0 (in Gen V it must be set to 1)
  9. For some reason, when, say, Box 2 is selected, the "Send To Box" feature is working incorrectly, it disables out the wrong box, so some pokémon can't be sent from Box 2 to Box 1 for example...
  10. I uploaded this Flying Pikachu i got from my Pokéwalker and it's showing Fly as an hacked move: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1069993
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