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Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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i am confused about the patches

i have acekard 2 on ds lite and need the exp patch

i have rudolphs patch fromr http://www.multiupload.com/N7GRGI81LJ (will this fix the exp issue for my flashcard?)

and how do i use it, the read me says to drag and drop the game in the exe, but it also says dont use the game from the internet...

and whats the prvious version black file mean?

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I must know, will some one work on a dstt fix for v3? I want to play the new patch on mine so much, don't want tha ugly errcode=-4!! Thanks for working on such a project for us pokemon fans.

This? PLease I must really know if some ones already working on a dstt fix. I don't want to eat *?%* while others enjoy it, too unfair....

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Hello, sorry for my first post being in a place like this.

Before everything, thanks everyone out there for the wonderful patches.

Got a single bug here...is it just me or the battle video recording menu is kinda buggy after this v3 patch? O.o

Getting lag everytime I try to access my old v2 patch battle videos and the videos ID seems to be messed up... (Battle recorder item > Battle videos> My videos)

Anyhow, going to delete my old recordings, record something on v3 and try again.

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I've downloaded all the other patches fine but I can't download V3White-NewLogo.rar , I click download but nothing happends.

Edit: It worked downloading it with IE, but not firefox.

Try again or use chrome. i think its lagging cause everyones downloading at the same time.

Edit2: Hey DJ looks like we posted at the same time huh?

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