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Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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I noticed that. Though, with all of the other translations, gameplay is so much simpler. :D

EDIT: You can still use the dream world, right?

not sure what dream world is. I had just started the game. THe pokeman names weren't translated, but im guessing tha tpart was still in the works. Everything else was working fine for me. I played it up till the first time where translation stopped.

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umm... issue with the black version patch:

Acekard 2I ~ DS Two

Pokemon Black V3 patch

Issue: Black city has disappeared, when i revert to an older patch & save file its there, but using the new patch and save, its vanishes, only thing left is the pokemon center, so is this something on my end??

Must be an issue with you. In Black City now and it's fine.

Acekard 2i with latest AKAIO.

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@tincancrab Here's a updated excel file with more moves fixed. http://www.mediafire.com/?88gd92j1jekv0eq

Fixed Moves:






Doom Desire


Cross Flame

Heat Stamp

Hard Roller

Grass Mixer

Drill Liner

Electra Net

Ice Breath

Water Oath

Fire Oath

Grass Oath

Heavy Bomber

Ankle Kick

Sword of Mystery

Lightning Strike

Overhead Throw

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To T-Zone and anyone else having a problem with the fight buttons disappearing/not responding:

Did you patch the .bak file the Child's Play Patch created? If so, redo and patch the .nds file instead.

That .bak file is a backup of the clean ROM.

I had the same problem, and this worked fine for me.

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Is there a fix for the DSTT yet? I have tried the standard method using xDeltaGUI. I have tried the method on dsmadness. The past patches have gone semi smoothly but I can't seem to get this one to work. any help would be appreciated.

i got mine working on TTmenu using r4 clone

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