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  1. Yea, so, life got in the way again but i have new strings on my guitar! Anyways can i help again?
  2. sorry for not being on lately ive been making those saves and my friend let me borrow MD explorers of darkness
  3. I have the most powerful v6 that I've ever raced. and wow 49 guests? I wonder what there thinking...
  4. cool and alot of stuff is messed up in that beta teaster patch so im just going to wait on error reporting now untill we get the new "find bugs/typos" patch oh and ruinairs do you still need pics of getting every hm?
  5. ok well im making a folder of saves for each time i get to a new city and i decide to give the player a mew and all of the TMs so that we can test something out with a moves text because it seems that comes up alot.
  6. found something. happens when you use last of an item. also can you show me how you find text so that i can go and fix little grammer mistakes as i come across them? like periods or spaces missing. what narc would the first few towns be in?
  7. yea but its fun cuz you spend like an hour writing a really complex script and when everything looks good you try it and if you dont get a syntax error then it just does something crazy and unintended. thats when your like " ok where the f did the logic mess up?"
  8. i was there in augest and it was just a bus and a train from philly where i was staying for 2 weeks. i go to philly almost every year. also last class? what are you going to school for? im in game programming.
  9. i know right? also i dont know about you guys but even though these will be translated im still buying both black and white when they come out in english.
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