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  1. @NSSVelocity Thanks man,BTW: the last i checked those were not fixed in the main git. And I am using Desmume Current FPS :130/00 (22%-38%) when staionary and 90/00 (50%-99%) when moving. lol
  2. @NSSVelocity, r u there? Will you please update the main git with my changes in 16-its been pulled. (have left half of it for Rykin and tincancrab lol) No$ gba fix by a nice japanese dude..lets u save, but its still abandoned like ruinairas mentioned,so it doesn't let u use savestates
  3. @ruinairas, Welcome Back lol Could u maybe add Liberty ticket event translation for ur merge patch with v3? Edit: Does anyone know the locations of other events?
  4. @Shadow Oh well, back to editing 0016 4 me:p Edit: Just 57 more to go. I think ill take a break & go to the shore. Adios! 4 now. Hey kid, dont feel lame or anything, u r still young & have ways to go! Adaption occurs with Adulthood;)
  5. @Rykin, could u do mimic? And these maybe? i coundn't do these as well:Psych up,skull bash,bind,wrap&bide All else are as easy as pie!
  6. Hi Rykin & Shadow -Did ya miss me? Up untill now corrected 39 of them in 16 so dont redo these ok? and shadow only merge fork after everythings done. 1frisk 2volt change 3uturn 4mold breaker 5powershare 6guard share 7simple beam 8worry seed 9water soak 10mirror type 11torment 12freefall 13clear smog 14pospone 15transform 16whirlwind 17disable 18absorb 19megadrain 20gigadrain 21sky attack 22 Clamp 23Nightmare 24 spider web 25Struggle 26Conversion1 27Conversion2 28 Sketch 29Spite 30Rest 31Protect 32Detect 33Belly Drum 34Perish Song 35Endure 36Hail 37Uproar 38Stockpile 39Swallow
  7. @kamigawasavior Like ruinairas said before, to patch first select the patch file(*.patch) then select the clean rom(*.nds) on xdeltagui &click patch wait for 1 min and (*_patched.nds) will be created. As simple as that. I m a little busy now with 16 and all, so i wont be posting for a while.
  8. @will do! but its noon here! Edit: Some of the moves in xls are already fixed yesterday ill pm them to you.
  9. @tincancrab, still need Hgss sav for move testing? igot hgss but not till 5 gym why do u need 5th badge exactly? Wait a sec......here Edit:Guys if youre done fixing some move/ability descriptions, please post them so that others wont have to redo them sav.rar
  10. @Rykin, Are u already on it? Else, you and i could use pokesav v6 and test out all moves to find the ones with incorrect descriptions. But itll be midnight here in 2 hours so ill call it a night then. till then lets rumble!!! Also, anyone can help us out by testing out the moves using pokesav too!! Tip: Just test out the moves that are suspicious lookin.
  11. Here we go: [ATTACH]5849[/ATTACH][ATTACH]5850[/ATTACH][ATTACH]5851[/ATTACH][ATTACH]5852[/ATTACH][ATTACH]5853[/ATTACH] Is this it ?
  12. No dont start all over you'll get a migraine or something. Ill play the game and figure out what those moves are for you just after i upload soneeks picture ok.
  13. Whose picture? @Rykin Torment has been changed: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 was\xfffesubjected to Torment! The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffesxfffesubjected to Torment! The foe's \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 was\xfffesubjected to Torment!(before twaz something not quarrel) So total changed:frisk voltchange uturn mold breaker torment Also do you know what to change these to? The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffereturned by using Escape Button! xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffeGotsugotsumetto damaged in! \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffeTrouble Ishita look! The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffeKoraeta attack!
  14. Mold breaker: Negates [Pokemon]'s [Ability] i think. Edit:NVM Volt change, mold breaker frisk u turn done anything else?
  15. @Rykin Before: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000's \xf000Ā\x0001\x0001 \xfffewent back to normal! The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000's \xf000Ā\x0001\x0001 \xfffewent back to normal! The foe's \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000's \xf000Ā\x0001\x0001 \xfffewent back to normal! (For Volt change) After: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 went back to \xfffe\xf000Ā\x0001\x0001 this is correct yes? The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000's \xf000Ā\x0001\x0001 \xfffewent back to normal! ******* The foe's \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 went back to \xfffe\xf000Ā\x0001\x0001 this is correct yes? *******for wild pkm, i have not encountered one that uses volt change. If anyone has what are its effects? Does it run away? Edit:Guys its good that your reporting bugs, but please be patient i ll change it all one at a time You can check here:16.txt
  16. So can they be edited in photoshop and reinjected using NExplr just like the title graphics right? Or is some other program also needed? Edit: I can try that then but ill need to download photoshop SDK. Or should we leave it at that? Ill download it anyways.
  17. @dbxx not yet it seems, but ill take care of it:D @Rykin Since u r busy with help, a quick question related to it:
  18. Oh so is "[Trainers name]'s [Pokemons name] switched out!" correct? Then ill change it now. @xxdbxx15 Thanks for reporting.
  19. Edit:You mean its supposed to be:The wild Gochimu's Quick Claw is unusual ok ill change it for v4 Before: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffe\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001 is unusual! The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffe\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001 is unusual! The foe's \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffe\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001 is unusual! After: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000's \xfffe\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001 is unusual! The wild \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000's \xfffe\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001 is unusual! The foe's \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 \xfffe\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001 is unusual! @Rykin OK gotcha
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