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  1. when u lose to bel in the beginning of the game where you first pick your pokemon, i picked the water guy btw, there is a typo, in the text of bel's speech, there is a japanese character in the end of the english text.
  2. http://piratepad.net/M3TlrbYwtj - piratepad https://03.chat.mibbit.com/?url=irc://irc.bitsjointirc.net/BWTranslation - Internet relay chat
  3. does any one still use piratepad, and is any progress still going on?, forum seems so dead
  4. maybe this is the fully translated version made by google translate.. that was confirmed that someone made a while back.
  5. so with this somehow translated text file, we can have a 100% completed game very soon??
  6. need help here i applied the v3 patch but i dont get how to use the exp patch... i have acekard 2 on ds lite
  7. i am confused about the patches i have acekard 2 on ds lite and need the exp patch i have rudolphs patch fromr http://www.multiupload.com/N7GRGI81LJ (will this fix the exp issue for my flashcard?) and how do i use it, the read me says to drag and drop the game in the exe, but it also says dont use the game from the internet... and whats the prvious version black file mean?
  8. how about "mystery sword" or "Mystery blade" and "thunder hit" or "lightning hit"
  9. is the translation of the story going in order from the beginning town to the last town, or is it random pieces put together?
  10. so how much percentage of the whole game is in english relative to v3 patch?
  11. so will Ruinairas patch be compatible with V3? if so, in which order does one have to patch?
  12. open your cheat database with that program, and locate the game inside press the browse for the rom, then click [...] button to change the id to that of the rom
  13. get a software called r4cce open up the cheat file find pokemon b/w change the id, by clicking the ... button and open the new patched rom ur currently using it will auto get the id of the patched rom and change the id used in the cheat file
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