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Pal Parked Wish Blizz Which type?


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I would like to know which type should i use for the 2004 Nypc Wish Chansey?

In pokesav's PID/IV,

type 1 is Normal nds or gba,

type 2 is wild nds or gba,

type 3 is uncommon gba,

type 4 is common gba event (unrestricted),

type 5 is never seen this B-A-D-E (unrestricted),

type 6 is never seen this B-A-C-E (unrestricted),

type 7 is very rare gba, and

type 8 is never seen this B-A-E-F (unrestricted).


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Thank you for your answers!

Can u maybe pls upload your fixed pal parked wish-blizz.pkm file?

I've tried to create one by myself. Maybe u can have a look at this and correct it, if there is a mistake?

Pokesav Pic

( Leaf Green to Soul Silver Pal Park import).

Legal Check Pic

I've used type 4 but all i get is "Common GBA Event [unrestricted]" :\

Here is my .pkm file http://www.xup.in/dl,48703238/Wish-Blissey.pkm/

Hope u can help me :-)

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It must be Common Gba <A-B-C-D>

I know the answer because i have one

Did you obtain it yourself?

- Unknown GBA Pokemon - Hacked & Hatched pokemon from GBA will show up as unknown. Pokemon from XD/Collo will also be unknown.

These promotional pokemon also fall here:

- CHANNEL Jirachi

- Ageto Celebi

- Koroshiamu pikachu

- Ruby/Saphire Shiny Zigzagoon

- PCNY pokemon

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Not CGR,CGU or Common GBA. Also, i'm quite positive the one floating around "secure" is hacked. Ask Sabresite he knows which it should be.

Except sabre hasn't been around for awhile.

I think it is an unknown type, but that's just my opinion. Meh, I just use my shiny bold flawless blissey RNG bred in emerald with mimic->wish ;)

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This is in dispute. I am inclined to believe that ALL EGG WISH Pokemon follow the same algorithm as Jirachi/PokeBox. However I was NOT at the event, so I am not sure what distribution method they used.

I also refuse to believe secure's batch of WISH pokes. Add to that their batch of PCJP. They are both wholly inconsistent.

I have several WISH pokes from various sources, here are the OT Names:






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Without wanting to make any obvious info public, I actually tend to agree with what you say about secure's pcny being possible hacks - i certainly find the idea of anyone having the OT Secure back in 2004 more than a little off putting, as well as EVNTRDR. Then again, I know the Mets Farfetch'd (PCNY Wish) is GoldUrsaring's own which was leaked and i'd say that's pretty credible. I don't know too many people who went to the event, but those I do could say that the current info we have isn't too inaccurate. I'm sure Sabre has better sources though and there was good reason for how they used to turn out in legal.exe.

I'm not sure what I think about Adnan's though, judging from his GBA sav he certainly had a lot of hacks, I doubt those pokepark/pcjp wish pokes of his are legit at all.

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It's probably your fault that you are getting rejected, that or Nintendo doesn't even allow Wish Blissey on WiFi.

Hatched in Gen 3, with Uncommon GBA method.

Nintendo does allow it, i saw someone who used it with Wish.I'm just getting rejected when i use my Chansey, with my normal team i can play without any problem obviously.

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