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  1. Not CGR,CGU or Common GBA. Also, i'm quite positive the one floating around "secure" is hacked. Ask Sabresite he knows which it should be.
  2. Krizz you are in the same boat as some of us your isp blocks port 80 i dont know what we can do i tried editing the python script but i know nothing of programming and it has failed each time google comcast blocks 80 youll see
  3. which file would need to be edit? i set up an account for redirect at no-ip okay so i selected port redirect 80 next box i put my ip address and when port to forward it to i sent my computer up on dmz so port 81 is open how do i get the program that sends the pokemon to actually do it? the dns part works fine i see when people try to connect but they never get a pokemon it boots them to counter
  4. who is your net provider? mine is doing the same and its because they block port 80 inbound. How can I change the port pokemon send uses?
  5. any one know how to open port 80 tcp? i got all my ports open but that one and i believe thats the port causing the pokemon not being sent to my friend. i tried port forwarding and also dmz My ISP blocks port 80 inbound. What can I do to get this to work?
  6. Dont know how old this is or still if it's still active. I have all the but 11 pokemon. I have those 11 but they are not UT I haven't went through my save but I have the Coliseum pokes as well. Probably missing a few because of them not being UT. Here is the Togepi if it's still needed. Togepi XD.pkm
  7. Here is the wondercard EdgeOfNightSkyJirachi 061809.rar
  8. Card number is differnt 179. Also the characteristic was differnt from my Proud of it's power and Somewhat Vain. The UK one was "Good Endurance"
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