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mystery dungeon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Squad Series Wii Translations 1.0.3

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NOTE: FOR THOSE HAVING SCREEN STRETCHING ISSUES IN DOLPHIN, use ShowMiiWads to match your system. Dolphin gets weird about Region-Free patching. https://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/ShowMiiWads


Finally the Japan-exclusive WiiWare Pokémon Mystery Dungeon titles, the Adventure Squad series, have been translated! Patches for each game have been released after months and months of hard work from fans of the series. The team has also worked with the Wiimmfi and RiiConnect24 teams in order to restore the event Pokémon that were distributed for this game. Other features of the translation include:
-Pokémon nickname limit expanded to 10 characters (Japanese 5)
-Buddy Passwords fully functional. These can now be found by hitting the Wii Home button, then pressing the "Operations Guide" button.
-Pre-patched with Wiimmfi and RiiConnect24 for ease of event access. Friend Rescues do not work currently, but are being looked into.
-Item icons and many descriptions ported from Super Mystery Dungeon
-Dummied/beta items ported from Explorers of Sky have been restored. Inaccessible in-game, can be accessed with cheats.
-It's in English now, which is cool.

What's New in Version 1.0.3   See changelog


Team name limit changed from 5 to 8 letters. We weren't sure if we'd be able to do this, so we didn't before, but kkzero figured it out. :)

If you want to change your team name, this can be done at any time by going from the Main Menu->Other->Team Name.

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20 hours ago, adanfime said:

Hey! My native language is Spanish and I would gladly help in localizing the game for Latin American audiences if possible!

We are planning on releasing our toolkit in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on it if you're interesting in translating to your own language.

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Do i need to apply the patches to the japanese rom? to get it to work the read me doesn't explain it very well I presumed we applied the two isps to each other n bam

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thats fantastic! but where did u find the japanese version of the game? i would like to play the japanese version since i'm a japanese student

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REMEMBER TO APPLY PATCHES FIRST before change wad region because flips get an error if you use a region changer first on wad, if patch dosent work try header patch first

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These are amazing! I've always wanted to play these games, and now I finally can! I've actually been playing it live on my YouTube channel, and it has been really exciting!

Is it okay to share a playlist link in here? I'm not sure about the rules

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