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  1. yes im using it and when i try to open either of those in previous version i get something about incorrect type/filesize error or that it,s for unsupported generation or corrupted
  2. ok Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced).sav Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan) (SGB Enhanced).sav
  3. i have same thing with japanese gold and silver plus revision A
  4. well i made everything like in guide but in rom folder theres only rom.bin
  5. so if i using fake vc version of gold, silver or crystal like vc inject it shoud work fine?
  6. ok but i wanted patches for both versions so i donloaded anothe rpatches and they seem to trigger AP mesure
  7. i hope new version will also be released for black 2
  8. Hello this is my first topic im always been interested in spaceworld 1997 demo of gold and silver but one day i found info about 1998 build on pokecommunity forums and i found about few leaks related to 1998 build but everything changed my mind when looking on fanmade gen 2 maps on deviant art i found person under name TerusTheBird adding link in one of comments when i downlaoded it there was 2 images one of 1997 demo map and other of 1998 i was shocked after a conersation with him he told me that he got those maps from annonymous user on 4chan
  9. i would also like to see cinnabar island in it,s original form from red and blue with changed music also what diffrence between nornmal and original latest version
  10. i think this project is abandoned because pokemon gs 97 reforged took it,s place
  11. xdelta gui doesn,t work for me whatever i try to do and press button nothing happens Please optimize new release for work with flashcards
  12. i tried to patch it but nothing happed i even tried the european rom but still nothing happend it would be fun if the author would bring pokemon ruby and sapphire on ds
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