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  1. https://mid-kid.root.sx/pmdrtdx/ https://github.com/mid-kid/pmdrtdx_passwords That is, assuming you meant rescue passwords, and not Wonder Mail. The format of wonder_mail.bin is close to that of GtI and Super. The passwords are just there, but I don't know about the rest of the data. Wonder Mail isn't all that interesting in these games since it's just a way to get predefined items (and missions in RTDX).
  2. This is amazing! Thank you for the translation, but also for restoring the events, I didn't think that was going to happen!
  3. Data/StreamingAssets/native_data/pokemon/pokemon_data_info.bin Data/StreamingAssets/native_data/pokemon/experience.bin (and experience.ent) Here you can see the data I got from these two files https://mysterydungeon.gamepedia.com/Rescue_Team_DX/Pokémon#List_of_Pokémon_available Based on the name Data/StreamingAssets/native_data/pokemon_waza_oshie.bin seems to contain data for Tutor Moves (which you can learn from Gulpin). This file also exists in Super. I haven't looked at it yet. Data/StreamingAssets/native_data/camp/camp_habitat.bin each entry is 4 bytes if th
  4. Please change my name to Blue if possible, or Blue587 alternatively
  5. Glad a web browser version exists now, it's much more convenient like this! I'm wondering though, does nobody read the GtI/Super research thread anymore? I posted my Python script 9 months ago and it went unnoticed until it was discussed elsewhere a few days ago. I'm not bothered by this, I just realized the thread is going unnoticed and I'm wondering why that is Since this is getting some attention, I'll take this opportunity to talk about QR codes. Does anyone have any experience working with them? I only managed to take a look at the decoded binary data and it didn't seem to be too com
  6. Some of this might already be documented, but I'm posting my notes for Gates to Infinity. pokemon/pokemon_data_info.bin While the structure isn't exactly the same, this file still exists in Super and even Rescue Team DX (should we post about that game here? the native_data folder is very similar to the RomFS of the 3DS games). Because of the similarities, I was able to make a list of all the Pokémon in RTDX. dungeon/dungeon_data_info.bin I don't think this needs its own page, so I'll just put it here: script/script_shop_ingot_data.bin after the SIR0 header, there
  7. NTR is a bit old, follow this or this https://pastebin.com/cpnzZcyv if you want to use the same method you were going to use with NTR.
  8. I made a Python script to convert between American and European rescue passwords for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Give it a password and it will give you the equivalent password for the other region. https://gist.github.com/Blue587/5e0cc35621d0863241bcd974fea2ac3b The only difference between the two regions is that some of the characters are rearranged. The codes were easy to compare since the save files for the two versions are the same. This doesn't work with the Japanese version, where an American/European save file results corrupted. QR codes contain a section of data that is v
  9. I found them in the European version some time ago. The ones you posted (which I'm pretty sure are for the American version) seem to be a bit different though.
  10. The Github page says the latest release does exactly that. Even then, couldn't you just pick a random number and then edit it in Sky Editor?
  11. What's wrong with the folder you were using earlier, then?
  12. The tool is nice, I'm glad someone is finally making a tool like this. It has some features I wouldn't have expected too, like the items editor. I had the same problem. I can only seem to get it to work if I put the program in the home folder, which is a bit annoying.
  13. German, Spanish and Italian. Pretty much all of them.
  14. As in being able to load any kind of DS mod without using a flashcard, just the original game and a 3DS with a CFW? That would be great.
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