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  1. REMEMBER TO APPLY PATCHES FIRST before change wad region because flips get an error if you use a region changer first on wad, if patch dosent work try header patch first
  2. hum my game is in spanish sadly i never played UM snice now 2 weeks ago its brand new
  3. my game dosent have sync id yet but i want to have one, but all my wonder cards (from US) have today's date hahaah i double check the region card and its corect but, i have all for example wallmart mystery gifs pre purchase mystery gifs etc hahaha but all of them are for my 3ds region so, i dont think i will be banned (?
  4. so, its more easy download all events from your region, pick all of them and then sync?
  5. OMG you are a truly Pokemon master :'0 your save must be preserved after generations, but is there any way to make all Pokemon non shiny? I mean with PKhex batch editor? Or not
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