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Spanish Vocabulary # 23



Hola a todos

Today i m gonna teach all letters of alphabet or abecedary and i m gonna teach you trick for makes this learning more confortable for you and minus difficult for your understanding


a -> the pronuntiation its ha

b -> the pronunciation in bay

c -> the pronunciation its ze not zi

d -> the pronuntiation its day not di

e -> its the same with english but without the i letter

f -> the prenunciation its efe

g-> the pronunciation its ge no gi

h -> the pronunciation its hache

i -> the pronuntuation its i

j -> its jota

k -> its ka the same way when you mention kakarot in dragon ball for example the pronunciation its ka

m -> its eme

n -> its ene

remenber the letter ñ -> the pronunciatio its enieh

p -> its pe

q -> qu

r -> ere

s -> ese

t -> tea

u-> uh

v -> uve

w -> uve doble

x -> ekis

y -> y griega or ye

z -> zeta


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