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Spanish Vocabulary # 2

Hello everyone (Hola todos) Today (Hoy) Os quiero enseñar (I want to show you) Numberos (Numbers) Es algo simple y básico de aprender (Its something simple and basic for learn) Uno -> One Dos -> Two Three -> Tres Four -> cuatro Five -> Cinco Six -> Seis Seven -> Siete Eight -> Ocho Nine -> Nueve Ten -> Diez Eleven -> Once Twelve -> Doce Thirteen -> Trece Fourteen -> Catorce Fiveteen -> Quince Sixteen -> Diezciseis Seventeen -> Diezciocho Nineteen -> Diecinueve Twenty -> Veinte Remenber Used Dieci okay i want show you trick for make more simple learn the rest of numbers (Recordad usad dieci de acuerdo os quiero mostrar un truco para enseñaros a aprender el resto de los numeros) Use Veinti and the rest of numbers (usa veinti en los numeros) Example -> Twenty one -> Veinti uno you can see twenty number in spanish its veinti (podeis ver twenty + el numero es veinti en español) Thirty -> Treinta Okay the trick has begun Thirty  one -> treinta y uno remenber treinta y and use the rest numbers 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 the treinta y (recordad el treinta y en el resto de los numeros treinta uno y el resto es igual) Forty ->Cuarenta Same thing with Treinta okay Forty One -> Cuarenta y uno Same method with rest numbers until 50 Fifty -> Cincuenta Same thing with treinta y cuarenta Fifty one -> Cincuenta y uno the rest until 60 its use cincuenta y Sixty -> Sesenta Same case okay Sixty one -> Sesenta y uno in this point you find a coincidence and are so relate and thats why its easy to learn and hope this trick are helpful for you Seventy ->  Setenta Seventy one -> Setenta y uno the same thing until 80 okay use the initial numbers and add ochenta y or sesenta y or setenta y Eighty -> Ochenta Eighty  one -> Ochenta y uno Use the same thing okay Ninety -> Noventa Ninety one -> Noventa y uno use the same thing the tonic its the same all the time using the rest numbers noventa y uno noventa y dos until 100 One hundred -> Cien One hundred one -> Ciento uno in this time remove y because its only ciento uno until 110 one hundred ten -> ciento diez the trick of this its all numbers all mentioned until 200 are the same one hundred twelve -> ciento once you can see once are used previously like 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 okay thats it for this lesson (Esto es todo por esta lección)    

Spanish Vocabulary

Hola todos (Hello everyone) hoy (today) os enseñare los colores en español (i want to show you the colors in spanish lenguage) Empecemos (lets begin) Red -> Rojo Blue -> Azul Green -> Verde Orange -> Naranja (this word its used for fruit too like in english) Brown -> Marron Black -> Negro Pink -> Rosa (Rosa its too for a flower and female name) White -> Blanco Amarillo -> Yellow Purple -> Morado Navy Blue -> Azul marino Grey -> Gris Esto es todo amigos (Thats all guys) Gracias por ver (Thanks for watching)  

List Games i want beat #1


Today its a great day

This day its everything and the same time its nothing finally i approved everything and almost i have title of vocational studies that means i can work in every place related with my studies i cant believe the previous day of this day everything its negative but today recieve good new i approved the last one and i can enjoy this summer properly without problem finally its like finally i beat this game its amazing how time passed and since 2012 everyday everytime i tried do the best but this is the day for tell dude you are awarded because you work so hard i dont want forget this moment because its like when naruto its a hokage i dont know how explain its something realizes as person this year i make heroic things than average person are impossible but i m capable for make possible impossible things good summer everyone

Why People do?...

Lets get started   Bullying i suffered bullying along in my life but actually its not the case the fact its people hate another people its different its a fact the problem its from house educaton if you have a poor education of values because you parents hates different people than your parents believes its more likely possible you behave the same way exists because people are frustrated and the fact its dont send psicologist person are bullied its the bully the person needs go to psicologist but in the school and all that places its literally a jungle its impossible be feel confort  the teaching staff its not specially prepared for solve problems because sometimes that people are interested exists bully in school its crazy and mad right? sadly the reality of all of things and interests of people makes greedy or be get  bullied and the staff enjoys with that violence NOTE TO ALL IDIOTS WHO RATIONALIZE BULLYING: You will be blocked instantly if you rationalize or justify what caveman did. Bullying is not tolerated here. Smoking its incredible dozens of people of everyday  smoke cigars or weed simply i dont get it as i said previously bullying and smoking have something what is the thing? simple people are frustrated and that addiction its something control his emotion when the problem its false its a fact this thing its a social element for be accepted but stay tuned because that thing have similarities my most near case its my father he non-stop smoking literally its impossible see without cigar in his mouth its incredible but it is people think if you dont smoke you are dumb its a lie you are the dumb you try challenge me something me something? anyways typical dumb people watch stupity and trashtv   Drink People do drink the same way with smoke its a social element for be accepted and its absurd believes that elements makes you better than each other and challenge other people if you dont drink this or there you are not nothing prefer a healthy life than drink vine or beer or sake simply i respect your interest of drinking but its not my case sadly in this society if you dont be bully or dont smoke or you dont drink its more likely possible you be ignored for be a weirdo   Overeating the most thing i hate in this top i dont understand why people ate so much until the point are obese its imposible dont be feel unconfortable with someone cant move because his body its too heavy people dont know how eat its a fact prefer eat something in burgerking or mc donals because its quick because in this world everyone wants fast and quick with any waiting simply disgusting... in my opinion i believe exists bead habits of eating i dont want be vegan becuase its useless okay so the best way its take measure for how calories you eat thats it but no people prefer eat so much with greased pizzas hambugers and that things      

People are boring? am i boring?

simply i dont get it people ignoring me for some reason and i hate that its because i am smart and people dislikes smart people i dont correct anyone and let people how people is but i dont understand why people dont reply my messages or why lost interest so quickly and are interested in dumb things (in my opinion that things are so dumb) but appareantly its element for be accepted in a relationships sorry but i dont want any condition for be your friend conditions are excuses for stay in confort zone anyways bye bye   DONT IGNORE ME :@  

Pokemon Stadium 2

Dont remenber so much in this game but the essence of the first are lost yeah the idea johto its added but the same problem rental pokemons and the experiencie of the game its limited for this factor

Pokemon Stadium

I played this game in nintendo 64 cousin played his minigames and obtained surf pikachu and my cousin still believes i m pro or something because battling everything with pikachu for obtain that its not precisely easy work the idea of cups its good the problem its you dont have pokemon red or blue for transfer in n64 and you depends of rental pokemons his stats and movesets are not precisely good thing

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

After beat Colosseum (with advantage transfer decent pokemon in sapphire make the same method in this game) the first part of the game its boring for me tutorials same and previous game are complete in my opinion concept of shadow pokemons and the idea of shadow attacks wow i miss this type in pokemon but right now the meta and balance in weakness are untouch because anyone its broken and its balanced in this game i like mirror b in colosseum i felt his relevance its even minor than in this version the soundtrack in this game its so good and i remenber the epic scene of shadow lugia oh my god someday i hope consider game freak something like shadow lugia and as far i remenber thats all i tried dont spoil anyone but its difficult for me tee hee

Pokemon Colosseum

Yeah i have memories in this game and gale of darkness first of all i begin how i played this games i dont know its casuality or destiny or pure luck many years ago my father met someone (same person take choice for obtain gba and pokemon games or game cube with 4 games) temporary period of time game is in my own the game are (mario kart double dash mario party 4 pokemon colosseum and pokemon XD) i recognize i dont began i new game because because exists another and its in begining (he said recently tested this game but he dont make more progress) in that case i began my adventure with my starters (espeon and umbreon dont bad remenber) the rest of team are unknow because i dont remenber but i remenber captured feraligart and transferred in my sapphire the game overall its amazing and this games are difficult because its not for all type of players the trainers and plot events are difficult but no worries the tutorials in this games for how capture and certain things are pretent because dont forget newcomers began in this game team i love so much team cypher and orre region in general are amazing this game have content for dont make bored have something like battle tower the characters gameplay and graphics its good combibation and hope the 8th from switch make me feel the times of pokemon stadium or battle revolution

pokemon ranger 3 Guardian Signs

Third game its difficult game for puzzle aspect for in overall his character and scenarios are good and the fact you can call legendaries and interact of the surface are so good the weak point its additional content because Wifi conection has passed away this game its kinda predictable but the same time have many plot twists along in the game thats why this game makes memorable for me

Pokemon Ranger 2 Shadows of Almia /Vatonage

The second game of ranger series and the concept and everything its changed you dont need anymore spin determined number of times because this game its more like different the story its in almia and remenber the tutorial in this game its recommended its not needed completely play the first game in general with more experiencie and pokemon with fourth generation this game have more content in post game

Pokemon Ranger

This is the first game i played i dont have original version but i remenber play plenty hours for complete 100% and obtain special items for transfer in pokemon diamond i like the idea you make circles for capture pokemon and boost or make easy the capture the concept are completely changed in future games because focuses in other things more like in cycles the story overall are good puzzles and antagonists have important role in this game the tutorial for newcomers is good the problem i find in future games this game dont have re-play but in general i beat this game 5 times

Generation 7 2.0

Alola suffers alterations never seen for eixample normally in other games like platinium or emerald dont put completely new pokemon in the begining i felt complete reject and hate the game because i feel like you watch fate stay night anime and you watch after unlimited workd fate stay night ITS THE SAME OK yeah put more content and yeah i feel this game supplies plotholes and i feel its more complete than previous game the element conserves his essence and yeah 807 entries for catch em all  more items more  abilites and more broken moves broke completely the meta bugs and glitches are present in this game but game freak appareantly dont release any patch when normally updates are often in this cases for measure the curve of levels and difficulty are good yeah and curve of experiencie its pretty enjoyable in difference the other version the fact you can travel in dimensions its so good for me and you surfing in a mantane in enjoyable too i obtained all legendaries and i beat the game in 18 hours and yeah i feel this game its more longer as i expected 18 hours for pokemon game its pretty standard for me the battle tree is the same but saves surprise lillie joins the battle tree and yeah i have lillie my his pokemons are a complete dissapointment i dont find any combanation for battling with her i like the fact hau are present and important the adventure because use the old formula the champion see in you potential al finally in the end of the game he reveals his intentions i feel the word of "alternate story" its excuse in all senses because i dont understand that and that statement makes absurd for me finally after almost  1 YEAR i m unbanned and actually i doing wonder trades for shiny starters like a giveway coming soon its for legendaries. List of Shinies: Drapion x2 Stunfish Sigilyph Audino

Generation 7

Alola region begins and you have 802 for collect the problem in this game began from medals in not longer in this gen and some mode of battle its completely removed the games its not bad but i hate the changes overall the fact of crystal its okay the trials its ok but i consider its no precise swipe completely the medals because its former element makes pokemon name of pokemon in minus of 13 beat the game and yeah after that complete the battle tree i recognize use save state on my 3ds for beat battle tree after that and pokedex complete and all stamps loss my interest until download UM and of course you are banned you lost completely the interest my opinion overall of the game its character are great but when i find characters hate for eixample i hate lillie but i respect others love her its difficult but yeah i did it consider others love lillie the problem its lillie its part of history when you hate lillie you hate part of pokemon and yeah thats the problem this game appears things make me hate this gen but all reduce its in changes since begining i feel this game are incomplete and his story its kinda epic but mixed of feelings certain point you feel bad

Generation 6

this game its dissapointment for plenty of people we have 721 pokemon and its for 3ds introduces amazing graphics and even more animated pokemons new moves and more things makes this game casual and the same time its good this game for me its not dissapoint contrary its good same ORAS i remenber this game how i obtained my shinies my fletching and my scraggy in 5 vs 1 battles the battle maison its broken because i leap level 100 for audinos for chanseys and trainers follow specific predictable pattern afther that y beat all gym quickly with my level 100 team i spent around 4 moths for complete pokemon amie and another 2 for complete pokedex with GTS the people its actually i m banned but i used in this gen GTS and its the same i remenber in generation 4 sucked because the people wants legendary in absurdy levels and its all completely nonsense but i remenber obtain starters so easily i recognize use pkhex in this game because want complete my dex the rivald for me its meh but the rest of the game you make feel small in a big scale represent things in this game the story for me its interesting and post game its short but the secondary content its good the aspect of battle maison for eixample this thing makes pokemon have name of pokemon Fletching Scraggy

Generation 5 2.0

the first time pokemon make games like that still we have 649 pokemons and the story its in the same region unova but 2 years later this game save good memories and i remenber have good post game you know what my dear reader this game its good eixample how pokemon black and white and the second part its not the same its compltely different and unova its even bigger his people changes and kyurem have power for combines with zekrom and reshiram i remenber the curve of levels in this game are fair and decent the same like his interface like black interface so much this game introduces another gym leader and introduces in different order pattern i remenber how my girldfriend (yeah still) when i trying capture virizeon how she wants my attention again and wants talks to me for something i more detailed this situation its summer and she enter in my room and my house without any permission and without for any reason and quickly threw her literally on the street again yeah my old relationship with her its crazy because she possesive and the age are specially the problem but his age mind are different in other words she dont  loves me and she never feel love since his first boyfriend and its difficult for here make his relations more solid behind my psicology knowledge in this game  shinies but its because i beat the 10 floor and someone gifts a shiny gible pokemon world tournament oh my god another thing makes this game so amazing seriously i remenber my friend and me in the screen beating leaders and beating red and how he congratulate me because he rejects buy this game but he takes the chance for play in my emulator and his opinion still the same rejects second part of pokemon Gible Haxorus Dratini

Generation 5

This generations i played in emulator but this year i played in ds and i have more recent memories of both unovas first of all in my opinion oshawott evo line and movesets are useful along the adventure in this game suffered because the game its downloaded so early that means the experiencie doesn t work and enter status its equal crash the game finally i have decent rom and began playing unova its colorful and contrats the most modern and the same time the oldest gym leader its good selection of type and the team building its pretty well i my opinion i remenber use cheats in this gen after beat the elite four and beat everything for find beta items or explore more detaled the map of unova i recognize the legendary hunting in this game its well and his characters have defined personalities N in my opinion defines one side of my personality and its impossible feel emphaty for him he struggles of unfair system and valor for along time its changed completely because he understands even more when he started his trail i remenber in this game feel lost every place in unova its treasure seriously in this game althougth its complicated because meet my first girlfriend and yeah his attention of her are important more later when broke up with her resume the game in his game i dont find any shiny but this adventure are complete for me

Generation 4

In this generation I started with a girl called TINA. In this generation we have 493 pokemons in our videogame. I have to be honest like the DS. I ended up hacking it when the diamond game came out. the dawn of pokemon except with some improvements in the game note that I had some leaders and some coaches teams of the most absurd did not find a place in what I was seeing in this generation I have in my possession the diamond the platinum the soul silver (I have the others but this is within the gen5) the game for its time was very good many people after these people I leave it I liked cyntia I liked the Galaxy team very much and I liked it as a concept everything was even for me my beginnings with the pokesav pokemons and make others for my friends always looked for me and made me the order and I as god creator created majestic pokemons endowed with a destructive power manipulated by the hack the platinum to this I improve the teams of the leaders more post game even the battle tower with the facilities that never enjoy much the truth is that in this generation I have not had many shinys but the truth is that I really enjoy this gene maybe annoying was the GTS all the requests were of a crazy caliber gave place to that there would be no type of reciprocity between players enjoy much of the subsoil so is that I am a standard bearer  

Generation 3

with the arrival of the third generation having in my possession ruby sapphire fire red and lead green there is nothing more to say that was for me one of the most editions I got through a friend of my father who gave me a choice between a game cube or 4 games of pokemon that I was getting little by little because they passed them to me and then they gave them to me because he had already grown up with a boy and a wife and that was how he decided to leave pokemon to the 3 generations For me it was a gene that I liked pretty much the graphics and I was struck by their tones with that sublime quality I hummed them when I wanted to come back from school to hear them again and again with 386 pokemons and many game modes that the truth offered me I miss guys the slots of that city and what to say about a league of the most memorable I remember how lost I was in the victory street but I leave a good taste in my mouth all the games and with the arrival of the emulation my prime r contact with the emerald was in Japanese but later in my language the truth is that I noticed an improvement with respect to everything and the green redesign of the character fascinated me was quite the edition that more shinys I've had to date as I was older and I understood better what they were saying to me in the game because I enjoyed the games even more. They caught me very small, not even infant. It was literally a baby when I played them and see all the recourse they make me cry but I do not feel sorry for them. these games I remember the exchanges and I remember that I had pokemons from the colosseum one of the games damaged my data and I started again like a girl who call her Maria in fire red obtain my pidgey List of shinies Pidgey Electrike Numel Golbat Graveler Whismur

Generation 2

The second entry in my life was in johto this time my starter was from grass the problem was that I put hidden movements to my starter leaving completely useless which made me resume my adventure this time was water and was more expert and were to my credit 251 pokemons add 2 new types and the table of weaknesses expands the game and I got more adult and I was already aware that it was a paper and scissors stone in which you had to draw a good hand to finish the opponent what overflowed me was the amount of medals and the return to kanto I have the silver and crystal pokemon in my possession the problem with this game is that you do not find a place where you can raise levels against the net with nothing less than an incomplete level 50 team for my luck my pokemons had a good moveset and I ended up studying the network pattern respect to the return of leaders and an elite four that becomes raw with their revenge seem exquisite additions I have to say that in this generation I learned much more even the use of ditto to discover that it was compatible helped me to complete the pokedex given that I was given evolved phases but I wanted the inputs of the previous evolutions in this my relatives we had fights had a team decent which defeated them they came to be surprised that it was wearing a red gyarados given that they thought it could not be captured List of shinies Ditto Onix Raticate Caterpie

Generation 1

It was with the generation I started that I was inexperienced young and that led me to have a team and a little knowledge of the weaknesses. I started learning the 151 pokemons what made me more excited was the leader's battles since they put my skills to the test, I felt very small, I even captured them all, exchanging my hobbies back then with my relatives i finished the league at 62 hours of play with a team of level 80 as I liked to raise levels did not pose any problem I do not remember what my team was but my water starter had pidgeot and had a machoke and others which were repeated When I came to capture Mewtwo, it was then that I suffered what was mine in my own flesh. I was left without poke balls i have blue and yellow on my own