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Facts About me #1



1.I am from spain

2.i like pasta and often eat pasta

3.i am obsessive with my weight because i dont want be fat its product because my uncle tells me all the time i am fat one then i have obssesion for that

4.i am little rude expressing my opinion or radical ironically i am easy to trigger and be hurted

5.related with 4 i am hightly sensitive person

6. I hace aspergers syndrome but in another level than other as i said this syndrome 1 person its another world because depends your envoirment vice versa

7. i like videogames but i dont like competitive games simply i cant stand that

8. i cant stand excessive positiveness of people its umbarable for me

9.i know english valencian and japanese

10.i dont have any problem in make friends the problem its handle along the time because i am lonesome person

11. i like long hair in people and i have long hair

12.related with 11 i cant stand short hair in girls simply its something i cant stand

13.i am close minded in opinion of other people my opinion its absolute and thats it you cant do anything for change my mind its complete waste of time

14.for me cost a lot take interest of someone

15.i have a dog his name its lana

16.my grandparents are cousins(if do you know i mean)

17.overrated games its automatically bad for me

18. i hate so much battle royal and MOBAs games

19. i was playing videogames since 3 yrs old

20. i am smart person but for me cost take empathy of someone

21. i like psycology and i like analize everything from root of the problem



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