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  1. From the most reality based perspective, no one has a legitimate complete collection, it's likely no one will ever have one. You'd have to get all those still not possessed by people outside Nintendo, and those from all regions(Japan has a ton, and those never even leak). But yeah, I totally agree, by no means should we ignore those that are ultra rare, and as I said that it depends on the perspective you're looking at. If someone has every NES game besides the two NWC and Stadium events, I'd consider it complete because it's as complete as most people will ever be able to get. Same case here in my opinion. I guess consider it a bonus. Like when you beat DK64 with 101%.
  2. I think there's a line between how you could call "complete" distribution collections, but I guess that depends on a person's definition. We know of more carts existing than those that have actually leaked into collector hands, as well as some carts that only a few of have leaked. It's almost hoping for a miracle when you expect to obtain a cart that hasn't yet leaked from Nintendo, or of those only a few people actually possess. When you look at NDS carts that have actually leaked, I think YoshiMoshi now has all that are currently obtainable that anyone could eventually obtain if they wanted to collect distribution carts(besides EUR Arceus). The other stuff would be extremely difficult to obtain, so I'd say his collection is complete, from a certain perspective. As for other carts existing that are "obtainable", there's the GBA carts like the 5 languages of the European 10th Anniversary, the 5 languages of Aura Mew, UK Shiny Zigzagoon/Berry Glitch Fix, and US and UK Aurora Ticket. A few other GBA carts are out there, but their identities have been kept secret(mostly). I heard a few Gen I Mew cartridges(Blue full of Mews to trade, like the Mystery Mew) exist in collector hands as well, though I don't think there are many.
  3. I have photo proof the source supplied to prove the legitimacy to me, they just don't want me sharing the photos. HaxAras knows them too, so take his word as well in the post above me.
  4. This attached zip contains 100% legitimate pk3s from all the 5 languages of the European 10th Anniversary carts and Aura Mew carts. No, I can't reveal how I got them. The English 10ANNIVs and Italian 10ANNIs in the zip are the same ones I uploaded previously, so they're nothing new. I just wanted a compilation zip. Note that the Aura Mews don't have unique OTs, just the origin language data differentiates them. 10Anniv + Aura Mew
  5. I managed to obtain a set of the Italian/10ANNI pokemon. For research purposes, this should hopefully be good enough. For collecting purposes, I don't think I'll be able to get a set of the other languages any time soon, but I can't say for certain yet. 10ANNI
  6. I may not be able to get the other language roms, at least not right now, but it's a possibility I can obtain some actual pokemon if you need to examine their trash bytes. No guarantees, but I can try.
  7. I can actually get you some pk7s still with the nicknames, but I'll transfer them tomorrow. I'll send you a PM when I do.
  8. Probably not at the lowest levels, but they are untouched other than the pk7's nicknames. Gen I In-Game Trade PK1s &
  9. I've got the original unedited .pk1s for the in-game traded Farfetch'd, Jynx, and Mr. Mime. Didn't bother with Lickitung since I had caught one in Yellow. Also the pk7s of those three that I transferred after removing the nicknames.
  10. That made me curious about Mr. Mime, even though it can't be obtained legally in Gen I outside of the in-game trade. If you remove the nickname, it will still pass through PokeTransporter(same with Jynx), however it doesn't convert the name properly either, named "MR-MIME".
  11. European and US carts are a bit different in a few ways. The carts in the US have the reverse stickers, and YoshiMoshi only currently has a collection of US carts. Like you said, the sticker is probably because of the store-exclusivity thing. European carts went all over European countries at different events and locations, and US carts were specifically in either GameStop or Toys R Us.
  12. There are variations of the backside label, so it doesn't matter if it says something other than "Not For Resale" Like I told you before, don't buy them if they don't have the back label. If they don't have it, they may still be real, but there's a much higher chance it's fake. If they have the backside label, there's a good chance it's real. The quality of the stickers may vary, but if it's really badly washed out than it's probably a repro label at the least. PCB color differences may be a bad sign, but I'm not positive if there are any variations. I'll have to check all my DS carts later and get back to you. I can't really say for certain if any of those are fakes, but the Meloetta is a bit suspicious. It may be perfectly fine, but I can't really tell unless you'd pry open the cart.
  13. Lol, I tried this like 3 years ago. I used a code to reset the Kyurem/Ghetsis battle in the Giant Chasm from a BW2 code thread somewhere on the forum. You can take any completed BW2 savefile and try it. I don't really have much interest in it now, but I guess I can try your code later on when I have more time to waste. Edit: The rebattle code should be somewhere in this thread. I looked a bit, but you'll probably have to scan the entire thread to find it.
  14. I saw this in my subscriptions feed yesterday. I haven't watched it yet, but it should provide the knowledge needed to alter them via 8F exploitation. To be honest though, since we're using an exploit that to give us an otherwise unobtainable and illegal result, I don't see the point in the extra effort of preforming exploits over just changing the DVs to 10/10/10/10 with a save editor. It doesn't make it anymore legit, it's still an exploit to obtain something illegitimately. That's just me though. Props to those who want to do it this way.
  15. That reminds me of the time several years back when I was trying to figure out how to catch the uncatchable Kyurem Fusion in BW2 during the final Ghetsis battle. I couldn't do it, but it may(?) be something you'd like since you seem to be really interested in anything otherwise unobtainable, not just protomons. For starters, AR codes to catch a trainer's pokemon won't work on the Kyurem Fusion. Probably because it's technically separate from Ghetsis's party.