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  1. I may be wrong, but I don't think that could work unless you can somehow change the wireless signal frequency of your laptop to match the frequency of the GBA wireless adapter. By default though, I'm fairly certain the frequencies are incompatible.
  2. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    That seems to be the consensus between me and everyone else who got Sun because they prefered Solgaleo. NecroSolgaleo is alright I guess, but NecroLunala actually looks nice. Funny thing is my immediate reaction upon seeing both of them was total dissatisfaction, but they've both already grown on me quite a bit. I'm still wondering if these guys are Solgaleo/Lunala leeching Necrozma for armor/power, or rather Necrozma controlling Lunala/Solgaleo. Perhaps not even related to fusion, but Necrozma taking their form through light energy somehow. Anyway, hype season between game announcement and launch is always my favorite part of new games, with monthly CoroCoro and such. I liked SM better than XY, but it didn't keep me occupied nearly as long as XY did, so I'm glad we have something new on the way.
  3. Just to note, "decchi.bin" is found in all known Gen IV distribution roms.
  4. Well for one, he just gets pissed off when people bring up his shaky reputation, which makes him unwilling to talk with us. Look at all past instances in this thread. I don't recommend you guys discuss that it in a public thread. Why piss him off when he can possibly help us out in the future? Anyway, I thought the digital fingerprint thing was a myth with these roms, but this is the third person I hear mention it. If it's true, couldn't we just remove them with a bit of research? Then roms could leak without fear of being traced back to certain people(not saying @Purin would modify and leak what he has in particular). I can almost certainly say we'd see more distro roms become publicly available from other sources if these "fingerprints" were removed.
  5. All I'm saying that it's possible a rom could be modified to the point where it appears to be a legitimate dump of something we don't yet have. People may be tempted to sell fake roms if they know they can sell roms to those of us collecting them. No one likes spending a ton of money in the first place, much less on something actually worthless. I think romhacks would be most likely used in cases like this, not actually writing them to devcarts and selling them on eBay. Regardless, this isn't like DS distro carts, since GBA distros are just standard GBA dev/protocarts, while DS distros are manufactured like any other game. DS bootlegs are easy to spot. At the same time, tools to rewrite GBA devcarts are pretty rare to obtain, though not impossible if you're determined enough. But if they're selling the rom, that removes them from the trouble of rewriting a cart. And like I said, I know no one will fall for obvious fakes that are made for fun like you're doing, but that's what I mean by Pandora's box. Even in good intentions, you're possibly unknowingly opening a door to a lot of problems. I don't mind anyone making obvious hacks if they don't share how it was done. By obvious hacks I mean a distro rom that doesn't exist, or something like custom text in-game that marks it as such if you're imitating a real unreleased distro rom. My hope is that it would be obvious by examining the code if a distro rom was fake, but to do that you would probably already have purchased it and likely wouldn't be able to get a refund. Or perhaps the hack removes any way for us to determine its modified, which is a bigger fear from a preservation and/or collector standpoint. Like I said, I think so far this isn't a real issue, but I just felt I needed to bring it up again, because I do have serious concerns of how our well intended researching could possibly help those with ill intentions. All I'm asking is to please be careful how much actual distro romhacking information is available to the public. The more legitimate roms we can obtain, the less we have to worry about romhacks. Also, as I said months ago, if people want to distribute stuff like 10 ANIV Celebi, you can create a custom program using official generation methods, something like the wondercard injector. That wouldn't do anything to benefit a scammer. Or like I just said, just make the romhack an obvious romhack with custom text, but keep the way it was made in private.
  6. Remember what I said about distribution romhacks' potential of opening Pandora's box. Of course people with access to these roms can do whatever the hell they want, but if we're giving to much public hacking information on these, some could make roms that appear to be legitimate roms we don't yet have, sell it to us, and it possibly being unable for us to differentiate from the real thing. I provided the other languages' 10th Anniversary .pk3s to help deter the need to do this. I still can't guarantee when or if I can get the actual roms. Even in good intentions, some things can backfire, but can be better prevented if such things are kept discussed in private. Of course, I'd feel responsible for making the roms public in the first place, but the good outweighed the bad with that decision . So all I can do at this point is warn about how much distro hacking information is said in public. In this case, if all you're doing is removing the language lock, I guess that's fine, since the pokemon's OT will still be "10ANNIV". But the French 10th Anniversary pokemon also have the OT "10ANNIV", so idk. And cracking this just makes it one step easier for scammers. Again, I did provide the other language .pk3s so we wouldn't really need to do this. Just another warning though, I have no real right to tell people not to do something.
  7. It's one of the really early Gen 3 distributions, that's why it's using a large older type of GBA dev/proto cart and GBA, versus the smaller dev/proto carts and an SP that we normally associate with GBA distro carts.,569868031,569868100,569868222,569868298&formats=0,0,0,0,0&format=0 The GCN-to-GBA cable, as well as mentioning to "check the TV screen". I figured it was pretty much unmodified from the GameCube disc, other than what's neccessary for making it work on a GBA cartridge. Anyway, I prefer this distribution on cartridge over a disc, since it's much simpler to use a GBA rom compared to GCN iso. Regardless, it's another piece of rare pokemon data historically preserved and available for anyone's use.
  8. It was a Wi-Fi distribution only for the US and Europe, idk about Japan.
  9. From the most reality based perspective, no one has a legitimate complete collection, it's likely no one will ever have one. You'd have to get all those still not possessed by people outside Nintendo, and those from all regions(Japan has a ton, and those never even leak). But yeah, I totally agree, by no means should we ignore those that are ultra rare, and as I said that it depends on the perspective you're looking at. If someone has every NES game besides the two NWC and Stadium events, I'd consider it complete because it's as complete as most people will ever be able to get. Same case here in my opinion. I guess consider it a bonus. Like when you beat DK64 with 101%.
  10. I think there's a line between how you could call "complete" distribution collections, but I guess that depends on a person's definition. We know of more carts existing than those that have actually leaked into collector hands, as well as some carts that only a few of have leaked. It's almost hoping for a miracle when you expect to obtain a cart that hasn't yet leaked from Nintendo, or of those only a few people actually possess. When you look at NDS carts that have actually leaked, I think YoshiMoshi now has all that are currently obtainable that anyone could eventually obtain if they wanted to collect distribution carts(besides EUR Arceus). The other stuff would be extremely difficult to obtain, so I'd say his collection is complete, from a certain perspective. As for other carts existing that are "obtainable", there's the GBA carts like the 5 languages of the European 10th Anniversary, the 5 languages of Aura Mew, UK Shiny Zigzagoon/Berry Glitch Fix, and US and UK Aurora Ticket. A few other GBA carts are out there, but their identities have been kept secret(mostly). I heard a few Gen I Mew cartridges(Blue full of Mews to trade, like the Mystery Mew) exist in collector hands as well, though I don't think there are many.
  11. I have photo proof the source supplied to prove the legitimacy to me, they just don't want me sharing the photos. HaxAras knows them too, so take his word as well in the post above me.
  12. This attached zip contains 100% legitimate pk3s from all the 5 languages of the European 10th Anniversary carts and Aura Mew carts. No, I can't reveal how I got them. The English 10ANNIVs and Italian 10ANNIs in the zip are the same ones I uploaded previously, so they're nothing new. I just wanted a compilation zip. Note that the Aura Mews don't have unique OTs, just the origin language data differentiates them. 10Anniv + Aura Mew
  13. I managed to obtain a set of the Italian/10ANNI pokemon. For research purposes, this should hopefully be good enough. For collecting purposes, I don't think I'll be able to get a set of the other languages any time soon, but I can't say for certain yet. 10ANNI
  14. I may not be able to get the other language roms, at least not right now, but it's a possibility I can obtain some actual pokemon if you need to examine their trash bytes. No guarantees, but I can try.
  15. I can actually get you some pk7s still with the nicknames, but I'll transfer them tomorrow. I'll send you a PM when I do.