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  1. Did XY and ORAS have a corresponding patch upon their Bank releases? I can't remember. Also, how can I change a pokemon's game ID values? I tried figuring out with a hex editor a few years back, but couldn't figure it. I can test it with the current SM patch. Though, I don't recall them patching XY to have ORAS pokemon say "from Hoenn", so I'm not sure if they'd do it for this generation.
  2. That's to be expected when obtained from a game that isn't yet released, like with all past generations "Faraway place" etc. VC RBGY were out before SM, which is why it says from Kanto. You're right about GO, not sure why they left it saying from Kalos instead of saying something unique since it was out before SM.
  3. I can't actually figure what the icon marker is supposed to be, but if it really is related to GO, then that would settle it. Where does someone verify what "sedai horohoro" means? Google is only giving me rough translations such as "the world by ones and twos", which I guess could be interpreted as walking, aka GO.
  4. Is there any indication to where we can basically confirm that? Other than it being the obvious assumption.
  5. For reference: You can bet 35-38 will be RGBY, but 39-41 are in the same grey area as 28 and 29. The placeholders were put there for future potential, but not definitely confirmed to be used. The bigger question is what really is 34. GO is all I could assume, but it's still odd.
  6. I don't think Gen I worked that way with IDs, but I may be wrong. Met/capture locations weren't visibly recorded, so I don't think it'd be internally either. The IDs for RGBY in SM will probabably be added to the pokemon's data when transfered to PokeBank. A pokemon from GSC traded to a VC RGBY would probably just register as a RGBY pokemon.
  7. I'd been asking about the game ID data in SM since release, because it is a great potential indicator about future games. Glad to see the data coming out now. Though remember how XY/ORAS had six game IDs that allowed the Gen6 pentagon marking, yet we only had four games. It was why I was sure we'd get two Z versions, but that never actually happened. So these Gen II hints may also just be future-proofing place holders, so I wouldn't totally confirm Gen II VC just yet. Same case with these other two Alola ID markings. Don't get your hopes too high like I did for "ZX" and "ZY" quite yet.
  8. @theSLAYER The NDS servers had something to do with Nintendo's server provider going out of business, and iirc, the NDS games weren't coded to be able to connect with a different server. Iirc, they made the 3DS flexible with servers so something like that won't happen again. Though I'm sure it's bound to happen eventually. I don't see Nintendo supporting 3DS internet 15 or 20 years from now. I also meant to quite jojo12100 in my previous post, not sure how I quoted you. Fixed.
  9. As someone who loves the National Dex, I was really hoping the NatDex in PokeBank wouldn't be restricted behind the Bank's paywall. This news says you won't have to deposit the pokemon to fill the NatDex, just have the cartridge inserted, so that's great news to me. Not that I can't pay for it, I was just looking at it long term when the 3DS is an old gen console and not used as much anymore, and it may not be worth paying the Bank fee, or even when/if 3DS Bank support is dropped. I'm still disappointed that the NatDex isn't actually in SM(and likely all future games), but a patch is still theoretically possible. It'd be an easy patch, though still unlikely it'll happen, otherwise it probably would've been there from the start. At least it makes me much less inclined to create an all Gen7-native living dex like I slaved over for months in 2014 for Gen6(partially for the gold crowns). Not like I have time for that anymore anyway. Just an Alola Dex living dex this generation will suffice. @jojo12100 How did Miyamoto hint at DP remakes? I must've missed that.
  10. Probably not, but you can try it. I can't test Gen 5 roms because my R4 is the oldest version. I'm assuming perhaps they took the rom they used to distribute Scrafty at Worlds 2011 and later modified it into the Zoroark rom, left the Scrafty wondercard in but no longer set to be distributed. I don't think they'd have used it for testing since wondercards like the Litwick and Bulbasaur seem to have existed for that purpose.
  11. Looks 100% identical to the official wondercard. Really an exciting find. Looking for more interesting stuff that may be hidden in these roms. WORLD11 Scrafty.pgf
  12. I could've sworn I posted that in one of @jojo12100's other threads last week. That Bulbasaur is in most, if not all(?), Gen 5 distro roms. But anyway, HaxAras just re-shared it in the post before mine.
  13. With all these similar threads, I can't keep track of what was said where. But as I had said last week, I would try to obtain the Shelmet/Karrablast distro rom and then provide its hidden debug Litwick wondercard. It happened today. File attached. Debug Shiny Litwick.pgf
  14. They definitely look legit as far as I can tell, but I'm not a legitimacy expert. If someone can verify them via trashbytes, that should be enough to make a definite determination. Thanks for sharing, more American 10 ANIV events are really a great addition to HaxAras's event compilation. It's all we've got from this event to preserve, since the actual distribution cart hasn't ever been leaked... yet.
  15. Set the met level to level 5.