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  1. At least it exists. Ahah I'm pretty sure Colosseum and 'XD have a lot of secrets to discover. And I'll be really interested by your researches.
  2. Oups I forgot them ^^ MysteryDoorofMagicalLand.rar
  3. Great, such a good job. I'll back in business in 7 days normally. Nobody is interested by dumping the Bingo Pokemon of X D ? Plus, I saw yesterday a hacker pretending to got Munchlax in X D, I think we have to investigate about. Edit: Apparently the Pokemon is only half-programmed. I mean it has no sprite but a base stat, an ability ... but no attack. When you try to use it the game crashes (certainly because of the lack of battle sprite). It's really weird, like if it was planned and abandonned in progress. First Pokémon is Munchlax (019E) H3YN-X39E-D9B3A 8FJ8-UP7Q-TPTXR DGAC-KFHW-GD0N4
  4. You have to contact Guernouille or @suloku for their tools. I can't help you more about that sorry. But as I know the Japanese stadium contains more opponents than the international version.
  5. Di you try that?
  6. You can contribute it if you want the only differences are the nickname and id. @HaxAras The unreleased 21st card is a really interesting mystery of Colosseum ^^ I hope we'll be able to resolve it one day.
  7. You can use suloku's tool for Stadium, I hope @StarsMmd will force-load the 21st card and for PBR I totally ignore how to do. And for everyone you can help there are so much Pokemon to add (Stadium 98 Cup for History, Bingo X D, PBR ...) I'll never be able to do it alone so what are you waiting for to contribute for us?
  8. Hi, after reading about a beta picture of Tyranitar in the Mobile Trainer ROM I found today that this cardrige have much more secrets to discover such as Odd Egg Event, GS Ball event or wallpapers for the cardrige (Celebi) or Pokemon Crystal, maybe we can dump the pokemon pictures? I'm not very confident about finding back the events as they are located in the sav but who knows? Sources: here and here
  9. I found that today which is quite interesting.
  10. I think we have to check the Pikachu's move table to see if Surf is here and maybe Rapidash too with Pay Day. Edit: Mystery solved, it was an error of programming!!! Diglett movepool in gen 1 is Scratch (0A), Growl (2D), Dig (5B), Sand Attack (1C), Slash (A3) and Earthquake (59) whereas the game recognizes 5B 2D A3 1C 33 59. 33 corresponds to Acid in Hex. Edit2: Note for @suloku Nintendo Cup 98 trainers are somewhere in the Rom. Just ask Blackshark to "convert" them when you'll find them.
  11. You have to ask to @StarsMmd I don't have the skills for that. But I'm pretty sure it's not really complicated ^^
  12. Great, now the Tuto Catch set is complete. Can I ask you what do you think about Acid Diglett? I mean if it was an event move from an unknown event we should find for example Surf Pikachu or even PayDay Rapidash ok somewhere in the Rom. If not it's just an error of programming (like a lot of Pokemon in Colosseum for example). Plus, I thought yesterday about the Pokemon Ranger games which still contain a lot of mysteries. We recently found in the prototype of the first game the azure flute but I'm pretty sure there are much more secrets to find.
  13. Now we got the Debuggers Pokemon of Stadium 2 I'll search about the Acid Digglet of Stadium 1 (event move? error of programming?). Plus, I got Oak's Pikachu in Yellow which is different from the one he gives you later. So for the Tuto Catch Pokemon we still need ORAS and HGSS ones. 025 - PIKACHU - 3850.pk1 Edit: I forgot the Old Man's Rattata ^^ 019 - RATTATA - C836.pk1
  14. Thanks you're awesome. Don't be cynical I love my Whirlpool Charizard ^^ Excellent now we can go to our next challenge. I'll start my researches about Acid Digglet in Stadium 1. Edit: Do you know when Jap Crystal compatibility will come in PkHex? To add the Jap Debuggers Pokemon of Crystal.
  15. Ok, so about the Main Battle Menu pokemon the problem is the encryption right? Can I help you? Maybe @suloku 's tool?