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  1. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announced!

    Moncolle Takara Tomy USUM Figurine Schedued leak. A new alternative form?
  2. Events: Tracking of Mega Stones and Berries

    Diancite is now the only missing stone that is not announced. I hope a commun password distrib for August or September.
  3. Pokemon Bank Update

    PayDay Mewtwo now pass through Poketransfer (thanks Togami). Do we have a list of Pokemon that should pass but don't and the reasons why?
  4. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Did I ever mentionned that Unknown from Ruby Debug (tournament) can't be poketransfered? Plus @HaxAras I asked @StarsMmd for the codes. Now I have my top 3 most wanted: -XY demo (for the Mewtwo and the Sylveon) -BW demo (for the Zorua) -Emerald Debug version (for the Relicanth)
  5. Registration is open for Spectator entry to the Pokemon World Championships we need a member to go in order to contribute the event Pokemon that will be distibuted this year. Any volunteer?
  6. If you bore Gales of Darkness beta starters and proto Geodude are still missing in the Event Galery. @StarsMmd Is it possible to translate the codes for other languages/region ? And the Japanese Crystal Debuggers are still under construction.
  7. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    If so it'll be another ROM to get for our studies with all the demos we don't have. But is there a possibility that there are leftovers like in Gen 1/2 or is it more like the Pokemon Ruby Debug version according to you? Edit:According to TCRF Emerald have debugging functionnalities undiscovered more than the sound test, maybe we can check that?
  8. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Humm, that's interesting, I heard rumours of Relicanth swarms a long time ago but that Debugger's Relicanth is quite unique. The problem is: is there a way to get it? I mean for Pokemon Crystal and Stadium2 we had debug modes and for Pokemon Red and Yellow we had leftovers but here for Pokemon Emerald I never heard something like that. According to its level it seems to not be a starter or an internal trade maybe a given pokemon at the beggining for debugging. Thanks for your contribution I hope some one will be able to help us. @HaxAras why didn't you send a PM to @starsMmd for that? I mean he was the one who uploaded them.
  9. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    I can't remember if they were revealed or not this side kick was so forgettable. Plus, I remember that Ho-oh had Sacred Fire.
  10. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    I've seen the movie in Japan Expo so I can tell that: -Piplup knows Hydro Pump, Whirpool, Drill Peck and Bubble Beam -Ash Charizard knows Flamethrower, Slash, Seismic Toss and I guess Fire Spin -Lucario Aura Sphere and Bone Rush
  11. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    Its OT changes from 20TH☆ to サン.
  12. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    I found something weird: when i trade the mew its ot is changed. I first thought it was a Pkhex error but it wasn't. Maybe its ot isn't read in western games?
  13. I think this one will be in the beta unreleased section ^^ if we can get it But that's cool!
  14. @theSLAYER What is this mysterious Charizard TCG you mentionned? I guess you found it in the servers.
  15. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    I hope someone will be able to get them for us.