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  1. Arg. Do you have the file please? I have Dotcode print. Just need the file and I'll do it legally Edit: All I found is that
  2. A way to get it or emulate it. I know you got it in Corocoro 11/2004 and his team (here) but the e-card was never scanned.
  3. Still busy with this unfamous underleved SM Kadabra but I have ideas for new projects. 1) The Mew Truck Virus. Code the Mew Truck event, adapt the virus. Here 2) Modify the 10ANNIVdistrib rom to get the Pokemon in other languages. Dissassemble the ROM, find the language check, change it, reassemble. Any volunteer?
  4. Looking for the E-reader promo card 19-P002 I found this japanese information website Hope it can help you. If you have informations about the 19-P002 I take.
  5. Thanks, so for now I'll try to get it legally and wait if I'm still unlucky that this tool to be made.
  6. They are available in Pelago but are same exclusive than versions according to Serebii and Bulbapedia. Yesterday there was a Kadabra in my Pelago but it fled I'm so sad, I tried all tricks I found but none worked. @theSLAYER Do you know if there's a tool that can load/dump Pokemon from the Pelago? Like in "DreamForest" in BW ?
  7. Apparently there is a glitch changing your 3ds time to 31/01/2017 23:59 when it becomes 01/02/2017 all your activities are done. But it doesn't work for me, don't know why. Edit: It's because I'm using a Gateway. Any app to change the time? Youtube
  8. Hi, do we know how wild Pokemon are generated in the Pelago? I'm searching a fast way to get the underleved Kadabra but I'm also curious to know how to generate or even encounter the others ^^ Thanks in advance.
  9. Hope they will have their Hidden Abilities ^^
  10. Finally. Help me to get the Kadabra lv11 and I'll give you the bonus. I spent 6 hours to get this Parasect after all 047 - Parasect - E62926A3C7E2.pk7
  11. I have a set of each Pokemon (obtained by trades in GTS) but I keep it for me for the moment. Edit: Finally got this Parasect! Oh god now let's find this Kadabra.
  12. Distribution Title Easter Eggs Promo Wondercard ID ??? PID ??? Games SM Type Local Wireless? Dates 18/3 – 9/4 Nickname Eggs of Drampa, Turtonator, Passimiam, Goomy, Oranguru and Mareanie Gender Random Level Eggs so 1 when hatched Nature Random? Ability ? OT yours TID yours Location ??? Ribbon ??? Ball ??? Held Item None Moves ??? ??? ??? ??? Relearn Moves ??? ??? ??? ??? Source: Serebii/Twitter
  13. Still crying when I see XY Demo videos and this holy Mega-Mewtwo Y lv100 I want it so much. But I'm pretty sure there are lot of hidden Pokemon we still don't know (like the Bidoof someone spoke earlier in this thread). Edit: And you what are you dreaming of?
  14. You can with NTR just dump the opponent Pokemon slot 1.1/2/3 I did it for all other "special trainers". So can I still count on you to get it ? Or should I?
  15. Unless we found the distribution system they are lost forever because it was a temporary event (sending datas to the RAM), only the caught Pokemon and items remain.