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  1. I will get it personnally on April 8th if nobody has contributed it yet. Be patient ^^
  2. It'll probably interest you @suloku it's a proto e-card from the German debug, I extracted it thanks to your tool. The Pokemon have nothing special (it's sad). Test.ect
  3. I have found my Charmeleon, it was a E-card beta trainer ^^ I'll study it right now Source: Glitch City
  4. @BlackShark It's just for the collection, the only thing "special" they have is that they appear at Mirage islands at level they don't appear normally in ORAS. The Shroomish only appears during a special mission 15 days after the beggining of the game. Note for shinyshunters: The 3 stage 2 starters can be shiny whereas wild Pokemon can't (including the mega). Given Stage 3 can't be shiny too. If you get shinys starters save only once after the first mission and export your save!
  5. I remember have read that there was a debugging team in Ruby/Sapphire with a Charmeleon but I can't find this information anywhere (TCRF, Bulbapedia ...). Any idea?
  6. Finally got the 12 regular ones. But still need someone who got the Nugget special mission to get the Shroomish. ORASDemo.rar
  7. I'll need someone else help to get the Shroomish or we'll have to wait 15 days as it's a special mission. For the moment I caught 9/12(+1), it'll be much simpler if I had a N3DS
  8. Got the first second stage starter thanks to @BlackShark Will add the other two+ some wild later. EDIT: Notice that I'm using an O3DS which is a bit harder than N3DS! 256 - Galifeu - 139ACF27C1DC.pk6 259 - Flobio - F66E87B09989.pk6 253 - Massko - F84E6D77D56C.pk6
  9. Wild pokemon are at 0x08803F50 too or not? I'll dump 2nd stage starters like that thanks ^^
  10. ORAS demo is much more complicated than I thought. Wanted: Starters 2nd stage, Wild Poke, Steven Shiny Metagross... But if we succeed we'll be able to dump XY demo pokemon using the same method (when we'll have it of course).
  11. ORAS incompatibility confirmed by its creator because of RAM adress differences. I personnaly don't have the skill to adapt it, maybe other members have better ideas? All I can do is dumping the "original" starters after the first mission+ glalie. I've heard that the Japanese demo is different too but I don't have it for the moment (PM me to tell me where I can find it to do researches). 362 - Oniglali - 59C544C95E5D.pk6 254 - Jungko - F8591195A5C3.pk6 257 - Braségali - DBE5F5A9442F.pk6 260 - ラグラージ - CFF65D0585E9.pk6
  12. Researches need to be done to ORAS demo, if someone has a N3DS with NTR CFW. Thread Here @suloku Did you get all Celebi/Pikachu from all regions?
  13. I'll ask for the ORAS demo compatibilty in GBA Forums but after that they will stay a huge problem: ally member functionnality is still not added in PKMN-NTR. So wait for the moment.
  14. Weird but PKMN-NTR seems to not be compatible with ORAS demo + in case I found why ally members don't appear for the moment in PKMN-NTR. So you'll have to try in a 3DS emulator on PC which will be a bit harder.
  15. I suppose you speak about the wild ones (I contributed the starters). To do it (and I won't be able to help you for the moment as I have too many things to do) you'll have to use NTR CFW 3 + PKMN-NTR (I hope it'll work for ORAS demo). Good luck. Share your discoveries I'm pretty sure other people will love them ^^