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  1. Does a ROM randomized using PK3DS work on Sky3DS+ with latest firmware?
  2. Hey, guys I downloaded the source code for Dabonstew's Universal Pokémon Randomizer and I am trying to step through it in order to figure out how to get the randomizer to randomize the types of moves (preferably before assigning moves, so the type matching functions can be used.) Has anyone looked at adding this functionality into the randomizer? I don't need a GUI option; I can just let the randomizer always randomize move types, if need be. If anyone has any guidance on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So, you give us links to the tools but don't give us direction for using those tools. How do I use the Slot 1 method(s)? If I am booting with a Slot 1 flash cart in order to run this .nds file, how am I going to also load an original cart to get a backup? EDIT: and then I notice the date on the original post is from 2013. Wow. Oops.
  4. I keep seeing people talk about the Gateway-3ds for using the ORAS randomizer, but I have a patched 3ds. According to the website, the Sky3ds will work on the last patched 3ds system. Has anyone used the Sky3ds for running a randomized rom?
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