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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, so this is dumped directly from my Pokemon Sapphire cartridge I have. (Also don't mind the odd nicknames on some of the non-shinies, I was an odd kid back then) Recently I've gotten into RNG manipulation, and this game happened to have a decently early frame to hit for RNG, so here! The shinies DON'T have nicknames. (Party has 2 shinies, an Alakazam and a Trapinch) Boxes that Shinies are in: Grass (Shiny Oddish) Norm, (Shiny Whismur) Fight, (Machop) Dark/Ghost (Poochyena) Also I will likely NOT update when I get more shinies.
  2. There’s a weird “glitch” for emulators (or at least the one I’m using) where let’s say you have Pokémon Gold and Silver. (Only games that I’ve tested that work for this glitch) If you save with a .sav file in Silver (let’s say you caught a Ledyba, which is a version exclusive) and then open Gold, just to import the Silver save, it’ll work! Then if you caught a Ledyba, you can also catch Spinarak and catch both version exclusives! This is helpful if you want to catch all version exclusives (not necessarily complete the Pokédex) without trading! It also works the other way around I assume, so if you have a Gold save you can import it to Silver. Some other things to add is sprites will be of the version you imported to, and it will have the title screen of the version you imported to.
  3. Let’s say I hack the Pokeradar in X/Y using PkHex way before I beat the E4. If I get shinies using that Pokéradar, are those shinies still considered legit/legal or not since I hacked an item in to get them..?
  4. Doesn't matter what the OT/TID/SID is (I'll change it anyway to something random) but could anyone provide an Ultra Moon file that I can breed Pokemon on? (preferably if the player character is already at the Nursery)
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Same shinies as a previous post (Gen 2 shinies) (As of its version 1.1.1)
  6. Def of "legit" is a pokemon caught inside the game and not edited. These weren't edited in/hacked.
  7. Wouldn't it still be legit, for the lua scripts do nothing except HELP people find shinies, not hack them?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Shiny Pokemon in this save: Bidoof, Silcoon, Budew, Chingling, Zubat, Meditite, Buizel, Shellos (West AND East sea), Geodude, Pachirisu, Ralts, Starly, Shinx, Wurmple. Psyduck, Bibarel, Roselia, Ponyta, Staravia, Lickitung, Marill, Gastly, Buneary, Cascoon, Torterra, Golbat, Rhyhorn, Houndoom. Graveler, Tentacool, Croagunk.
  9. Version 1.1.8


    Obtained by either breeding with shiny ditto or by wild encounters (lua scripts) Hope you guys enjoy! (Silver save) Shiny Pokemon in the save: PARTY: Feraligatr, Crobat Shiny Box 1 (aka just Box 2): Magikarp, Pidgey, 2 bellsprouts, drowzee. rattata, venonat, hoothoot, abra, geodude, scyther, pinsir, stantler, vulpix, both nidoran genders. marill, zubat, furret, psyduck Shiny Beast Box (Box 4): Entei, suicune, raikou, lugia Shiny Box 2 (box 5): umbreon, dragonair, oddish, slowpoke, quagsire, arbok, sudowoodo, caterpie, krabby, tentacool. flaaffy, gyarados, yanma, miltank, tauros. meowth, espeon
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