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  1. I go to sites and YouTube to find WonderMail S codes. Everyone i type in does not work. I check to see if i mistyped anything, and I haven't Has it got something to do with US/UK version of the game?
  2. LOL, this doesn't have the same body structure as Mewtwo, which Celetwo did. Here it is then. What do you think of this one then?
  3. Well I thought of how there was a Mewtwo for Mew, so I thought of Celetwo for Celebi. Also, just now I made Jiratwo (not spending as much time on this as I did on Celetwo)
  4. LOL, maybe one day I'll make the sprites of them.
  5. Wow! Thats really good, I like. What did you use to make it, it didn't even take that long LOL. Could you tell me how to get it so there is "spoiler" above your signatures?
  6. Yes okay, cheers :smile: Could you make the sky darker then it would be?
  7. Could you make me a Pidgeot with a blue, SoulSilver type of background? How long would it take to make?
  8. Wow these signatures are pretty awesome. I want one LOL. Do you know how to make you signature have the "spoiler"?
  9. We all know there is a Mewtwo... ... But what if there was a Celetwo!? Shiny | GSC Sprite | Normal
  10. Kerz


    Thanks people who helped me, I know how PokéSav works now. I made a Pokémon... What do you think of it? Pikachu (Pikachu) OT: RED (From RBY/GSC) Sassy nature May 26 2000 (Random date) Kanto Apparantly met at Lv. 5. Moves are Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, Surf, Iron Tail. LOL, and thanks people. PS: Isn't PokéSav genius?
  11. Kerz

    DSi, no AR

    I kept my NDS for ARDS, I hope there will be one for NDSi. I don't have WiFi. Stupid internet is incompatible :mad:
  12. Its a tough choice for me, I have not made my mind up.
  13. Oh yes! I loved my Gold and Crystal, however, this time I am getting SoulSilver because I have Gold (internal battery dead, same with my crystal).
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