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  1. i want to edit patrat and watchogs sprites(front and back) but i do not know how. i have tried gba methods but they dont work. can somebody tell me what tool i need for editing pokemon sprites and how i do it please
  2. heres my problem lol, ive got the sprite to work perfectly just the colors are all crazy, my PTW icon and Vs sprite have perfect colors
  3. Hello ProjectPokemon, this is my first post I believe, I am wondering what the current progress on figuring out the Pokemon Black & White type effectiveness table is. Does anyone know the location? the narc(if it's located in one), or the overlay? (could someone please also explain overlays to me? I can't manage to find a proper definition and how to use/find them). I've looked at other posts, and they all either end up in dead-ends or it's a different generation. Help is very much appreciated as I would love to edit some of the effectiveness/resistances on the table, comment a post or personal message me, thankyou very much, cheers!
  4. Working with W2 - I need some help, someone please give some advice? I've been trying everything I could find, I don't want to have to learn C++ or something JUST to hack simple things on White 2. Starter Editing - Tried: Twisted Fatal Starter Editor, Zero's Starter Editor I tried all the Starter Editors I could find, none of them worked, so I found out how to hex edit it but I can't figure out how to get the opening visual to change (the pictures of the starters with the names) so now, you choose visually from the original 3, but when you choose, you get the right one. Trainer Editor - Tried: Spiky Eared Pichu's DS Map Editor, Kazo's BWTE Spiky's DS map editor won't let me select the trainer editors, so I guess it's just incomplete or something? BWTE works until I load the game. The very next scene change from any savepoint will freeze, no matter what I change in the narcs; number of pkmn, type of pkmn, money reward, trainer type, etc. Text Editor - Tried: Spiky Eared Pichu's DS Map Editor, All I wanted to change was a few Gym Leader names, Juniper's opening statement, and take out "Your opponent is about to send in *PKMN*" to not show the *PKMN* so it's a blind switch. No matter what I change, it freezes on the next scene change. Script Editor - I haven't tried anything yet, and all I want changed is receiving certain items earlier on. IE: EXP Share+Fishing Rod+Bike+Shiny Charm *In other words, I want the item layout to be the same was Drayno's BlazeBlack2 and VoltWhite2* I've successfully changed evolution/stats/movesets/moves/abilities/wild encounters/ And every tool or piece of knowledge I've gained along the way has been reliable, but for the life of me, I can't get these other tools to work. And if anyone just so happens to know how I could just add in an extra area or two, like a side route, to the maps with Spikey's map editor, I'd love you forever. I just thought it'd be cool to have an extra area for wild other wild encounters/trainers since BW2 feels so linear compared to Kanto/Hoenn.
  5. I've been browsing the forums trying to see if anyone's had this problem. So far it looks like it's just me, meaning probably an error of my own. But can someone help me figure out what I'm doing? I'm trying to edit White 2 for a friend, one with all his friends as the gym leaders/elite four. The champion sprite will be Hilbert (my favorite trainer). However when I try to use BWME to replace the champion's full body mugshot (which is divided into two images) one of both images becomes discolored. I haven't had any problem with regular mugshots, but I assume that's because the champion mugshots both share pal 12. Is there something I'm doing wrong or another way to insert my files? Also, it should be noted that this happens when i try to insert any file--not just Hilbert. I even tried to reinsert the original mugshots of Iris and got the same problem. Thanks in advance.
  6. Like RED → Hilda, Lance → Iris And change their pokemons
  7. I haven't been able to find any programs for editing items. Are there any available? Or do I have to use hex? I just want to make some simple item changes like increasing something from a 10% effect to 15%.
  8. Does any one know there is the Trainer Card files and the Vs Pic location in B2/W2 roms?? I am looking for it quite a long time, hope some one can help me
  9. Just wondering cause once my r4 arrives, I plan to attempt to dump my games so I don't have to carry around anything but my ds, and of course heart gold and soul silver. I DO NOT want any links to roms. Also I WILL NOT be uploading anything I dump. (HERE, or ANYWHERE for that matter) I only want to know what the proper sizes clean roms can be, so I can make sure that when I dump, I dump clean. (Mainly pokemon, but also any game since pokemon arent the only games I own) So far I have: GB/GBC: 256-KB, 512-KB, 1-MB, 2-MB, 4-MB, 8-MB GBA: 4-MB, 8-MB, 16-MB, 32-MB NDS: 8-MB, 16-MB, 32-MB, 64-MB, 128-MB, 256-MB 512-MB I think I have all the sizes on gameboy/color/advance. But the ds I only estimate from some of the things I have read. any help is appreciated thanks -cbowling
  10. Hello all. Is there any TM/HM Editor for pokemon B/W, but I mean that I can choose, eg. TM01 is Hone Claws but I want to change it to be absorb, is there any programm like this, or how to do it without any programm?
  11. :confused: Very :confused: I wanted to know,Casue I saw PPRE.Where can I download it?:frown:Reallly wanted to play with that.:kikkoman:
  12. When I open pokegra.narc in PokéDSPic Platinum, it doesn´t show the sprites, just something like this: What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  13. hey i'm looking for a rom hacking tool for text editing is there a program that can do this for nds pokemon games ,the rom that i am using is a pokemon pearl rom.:confused::confused::confused:
  14. i've seen people patching them before but i dont know how like i poste din the previous forum its same reason here atleast for Fire red/Leaf Green/Mystery Dungeon vbagx lacks cheat support so i'd haveto patch the rom. any ideas How? im still new to rom hacking.
  15. So, it seems that PokeTEX can open and view back sprites from Platinum, if offsets are provided and the read size is set properly (800x64). I find this quite nifty. The problem I have is twofold; PokeTEX refuses to select blocks for use in the color map larger than 7x8. Now, I'm a decently patient person. If replacing the back sprites requires replacing the stock stuff block by little block, I have no problems. The problem lies in how PokeTEX writes to the sheet---instead of overwriting the 7x8 block that is selected, it replaces the whole section in the sheet - 8x8 blocks - with the 7x8 block I just edited. Rather, it takes the block and streeeeeetches it across that 8x8 section. While this is amusing, it's a bit counter-productive. Is there any way to manually change the block selection size? The only way I know of commiting palette changes is via the Save ROM button next to the sprite map. This causes the above problem to manifest itself...so...is there another way to commit palette changes? As far as I can tell, edits will take if done in PokeTEX...most of the time. But the above problems prevent proper edits :\ (I've mirrored this over at the PokeCommunity, just sayin' so nobody goes "ehhhhhh? o.O" if they see it)
  16. What program can save pictures in to the proper format that is needed to Open pngs in to the program with out giving you garbage. I tried using Paint.net with a low color plugin to save them with 16 colors, but its not liking those files either.
  17. Is there anyone on this forum that is able to rip some of the sound effects of a game? preferrably HG/SS, or else DPPt. The sound effects from the games aren't to be found anywhere on the internet (I've been bugging google with it so much). The specific sounds I'm looking for are: - the wind-ish soundeffect when you enter a battle - the rolling pokeball when the battle begins (you know, if a trainer battle begins, two little bars show up saying how many pokemon each trainer has, then the soundeffect happens) - winning against a frontier brain (preferred from HG/SS plz) - ice beam's sound - 'taking a hit' sound ---- normal hit ---- super effective hit ---- ultra effective hit (I thought there's a differens between the 2x and 4x damage sound) other soundeffects are also very welcome! Thanks in advance! ~Miles
  18. Is it possible to make your own area in platinum and put trainers and things in it? If so how? thanks very much in advance
  19. Hello world, I want to translate HGSS for my country (France), i take the script in Pokeguide, my translator translate it, but, when i patch it or create rom, thenewpoketext dispared. What is the problems, it's my rom ? Thank's
  20. I need to download Project Pokémon's ROM Editor but I cant find it can anyone help me?
  21. maybe not really the right board but i don't really know where to post it. is there a "hardware" board? did anyone who actually has a physical copy mess with that thing and how it works? like frequency (maybe protocol?) or does anyone know a japanese site about it? also are the pokemon really transfered of just moved somewhere in the sav and reactivated later?
  22. Question that has came into mind a few times, however never really looked into it yet, decided to finally post this. Has anyone determined how the sprites of male and female Pokemon are stored in the Pokedex? Such as if you first encounter Unown M, then later A, M will be shown every time you scroll to Unown. Thanks.
  23. Okay, I've downloaded PPRE. I have pokesav. I also have something called dslazy. I've recently bought and received the Acekard 2i, along with a Micro SDHC card and a MicroSD USB port. What do I do now? I'm very new to all of this, so please be patient with me. Let's start with extracting the save file of my game, say pokemon diamond. Where does it come from? How do I access it? What do I need to download onto my SD card? Where does the ROM come from? How do I access that? If you could give me a quick step-by-step guide on how to get a newbie started with all of this, that'd be great. Thanks in advance for any help you give me! I can't wait to join the ROM hackers here at Project Pokemon! ~Emeraldragon
  24. As the title states i am looking to edit a Pokemon game and wish to know if i'm wasting my time. I'm planning on creating a new island on the bottom right corner of the map i was thinking that after the completion of the pokedex there isn't much to do, so i thought that if i could create a new form of evolution. By giving up 2 matching Pokemon you would get a egg which would hatch into a fusion Pokemon. Just wondering if this is possible, thanks in advance. Sky Blue
  25. Ok so, I want to change my character's battle and overworld sprites. Actually, not so much change as swap with one of the characters from the Battle Tower. The former should be easy, I imagine. I (finally) found a copy of PokeDSPic Platinum. t'was a pain to find, too. It's here, in case anyone else has problems finding it. Now, the overworld. I've read elsewhere (post 24 to be exact) that sprites can be lightly edited and swapped using a particular version of PokeTex---but THAT, I can't find. Both the Jap and Translated versions I've found will open the ROM, but only display the palette. No sprite appears in the left area, and there's nothing under Extend, so I'm assuming these versions only support Diamond and Pearl. If someone could link me to a working version, I would be really grateful. (and I do know that certain things would be missing, like animations for running and bike riding...I'll worry about those once I can actually, you know, access stuff) Lastly, I'm not an expert by any means in programming and hacking, but...instead of swapping sprites around, couldn't one just change the internal pointers so that they reference one sprite sheet instead of another? It seems like it'd be a lot simpler :\ Edit: it seems what I need most is plist.txt contained in the PokeTex English package that everywhere I look says SHOULD be in the upload bin <.<'
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