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  1. Anyone have plans to do this for the new games?
  2. I,m trying to evolve my trade pokemon without trading what should i use? I'm playing pokemon platinum.
  3. A few questions: Does thenewpoketext only unpack and repack the .msg file? Didn't came with a manual, I pretty much just used common sense and fiddled around with it. When decrypted, I can simply edit the contents, then repack it like a normal text file, yes? Also, if thenewpoketext only does the above, how do you decrypt and repack a .narc file?
  4. I been working on a hack involving platinunm. this is the d/p version of it: Fa3t7Eh2u6o When making a platinum version, the sprites are not changing. i think there is a flaw in the program. I noticed animated trainer sprites in the game seem to have 3 different sprites. 1: First frame of animation, in this frame as they appear and come across the screen. 2: Second frame of animation, when they reach there standing spot the animation begins and switches to this frame then back to the first one. 3: Third frame of animation, the sprite changes to the frame as the trainer slides off the screen to release their first pokemon, this frame is the same as the single frame from diamond and pearl. Now, the program only shows 2 frames in the narc file for the trainers. if they are not animated then its the same as their normal sprites, but if they are animated trainers, then it shows their animated sprites. So, I think the stand alone sprites are in another location. because when i tryed to edit the trainers sprites like I did it just shows the old sprite with the new color palette. I dont know, maybe i did somthing wrong, but it worked for diamond/pearl.
  5. When ever i try to load Platinum (U) into it it says ''Unssupported ROM''
  6. Hello, for my project of finishment of Gold and Silver I have to add some wild data for Viridian Forest, Cerluean cave etc. But the asm can read wild data only in the bank A of the rom, but the bank A is almost full 'cause there is also other stuff. There is a way to force the game to read wild data pointers in another bank or move something else by the A bank to another for regain space? Is important, the project is almost finished, with scripts, places... But I miss the wild data and other 3 little things, but the more important is this.
  7. Can anyone link me any fully decrypted gen 6 games. I have a ROM myself, but I can't decrypt it. If anyone can help me I would be extremely grateful. I'm hoping to do an extreme randomiser like the one that TyranitarTube does. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  8. Hello, I would like to play Pokemon ORAS and edit it (edit Pokemon base stats or type, or learnset). I think the "technical" word is randomize. Well, what's the best way to do it? Are there Nintendo 3DS emulator out there, or should I buy a real one? Are there ORAS ROMs out there? If I have to buy the games, then is it possible to edit them even if they're original? Thanks in advance. Ps: I hope this is the right section.
  9. Greetings, Im trying to figure how to swap the battle backgrounds, i've seen this "BVEditor" but i want to play battles with different background. I found how to swap trainer models, music, but battle backgrounds it's something i can't find any extra info. Where do i need to change ? Or what steps do i need to accomplish ? Thanks !
  10. I keep seeing people talk about the Gateway-3ds for using the ORAS randomizer, but I have a patched 3ds. According to the website, the Sky3ds will work on the last patched 3ds system. Has anyone used the Sky3ds for running a randomized rom?
  11. Hello, so I've never done a rom hack, but I would like to try to get a randomizer for oras. If someone could help me out with this from what software I'll need to how to do it. Please and thank you!
  12. Hello, I have problems with rom decrypting can anyone help me? what is the easiest way for decrypting?
  13. Does anyone know the cause of this? Like when the screen fades black when the battle started with the girl before Petalburg, the music stopped and it froze. Is it because how she was randomized, or is there something wrong with my rom? I just don't want to get really far and then run in to some trainer you can't avoid and the game crash every time.
  14. I'm wondering if anyone has done any documentation on the Gamecube Pokemon games? Mainly on how or where they store Trainer data or items found.
  15. Hi everyone, sorry about this but can anyone please help me completely replace the Black 2 male MC with the one from Black 1 (editing the Trainer Card, mugshots, battle animations, etc...)? I've been trying to do it for a few hours now and I'm completely stumped on where to start and what to do, since I have absolutely no experience with sprite replacing. I tried searching for a tutorial on replacing the overworld sprites but I couldn't find one that applies to Black 2, which seems completely different from Black 1. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. EDIT: Okay, well I managed to figure out some stuff and edited my rom a bit. But now I'm dealing with even more problems than I could possible figure out, especially the overworld sprites; I can't even find the import button to replace them... also, I'd like to know how to change the flying animations for the MC as well, as after looking at this thread a bit more (http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?20235-Alder-Overworld-Sprite-Using-Fly), I was able to locate the flying animations using Tinke, but I can't figure out how to replace them with Black 1 MC either. I'm assuming the situation is the same with surfing and fishing animations, so if someone can elaborate on where these animations are and how to replace them I'd really appreciate it. Beyond that, after messing around with other stuff, I ended up building more problems for myself. First, I edited the Xtransceiver sprite for the MC but it ended up looking like this (http://puu.sh/eQX3r/265938570d.jpg)... any suggestions? Secondly, I edited the Trainer Card sprite but that didn't go so well either (http://puu.sh/eQXbn/a780f42be7.jpg). And lastly, I attempted to replace the back facing sprite but ended up with some bizarre results (http://puu.sh/eQXir/60909cf1ff.jpg). Aside from that, I'm also attempting to replace the start screen sprite with the Black 1 MC (http://puu.sh/eQXVH/4831a3a45c.jpg) as well as replace the default bag sprite (http://puu.sh/eQXZZ/af7a8a5ddf.jpg) with the one from Black 1 (http://puu.sh/eQY5v/e061a37c76.png). So, if anyone has any idea on how to fix these issues, please let me know, thanks.
  16. Do not know if this topic goes here. I'd like a tool for editing maps NDS (HG / SS) or similar. If the issue is not going here, move it pls.
  17. Hi, could someone please answer me a question. How can i fight a gym leader with an umbreon with the ability prankster. I already changed the ability in the pokemon rom changer, but the new ability wasn`t available in the BWTE. It would be nice, if someone could answer me this. Thank you and sorry for my bad english. The problem is that i can`t give umbreon the ability on the BWTE ( BWTE is a programm where you can change the pokemon and their abilities that a trainer use in a battle ). In the pokemon rom changer ( where you can change stats , abilities, evolution, gender rate and more) prankster is already placed.
  18. I've been looking for the location in the arm9 file, but I don't know where I need to go, and what values to change. I found out how to do it in B/W, but I would like to do it in Soul Silver. Can I get some help please?
  19. I'm looking for overworlds , and /a/1/2/6 do not see.
  20. I have tried pk3DS : https://github.com/kwsch/pk3DS I set Fench, change text in Game Text. But in-game, i can't see my new text... I have the same problem with xytext or Ohana and Text
  21. Firstly, I apologize for the fact that, yes, I am a newb at HGSS hacking. Does anyone know of any English language tools that can unpack, and more importantly REpack game graphics? I want to do a full edit of all the female protagonist's sprites, both battle and overworld; all I need is to be able to extract and re-insert, I've done sprite editing before so I know how to do the rest. I have looked everywhere and been unable to find anything; it seems tools for HGSS are extremely few. :frown:
  22. I've been looking around and I can't find how to edit what comes out of an egg laid by a certain pokemon. For example, from an Illumise egg an Illumise or Volbeat can hatch. Does anyone know an editor that allows me to modify this or at least tell me where in the rom files can I find this piece of information? I can utilize hex editors and I think I have the tools needed to extract narcs and subnarcs from the rom. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Hi there. I was wondering how to extract some .garc files from a Pokémon X or Y ROM cause I wanted to use Kaphotics GARCUnpacker. So, what kind of tools do I need to get those files ? Could someone explain me the process to extract them, please ? I know about 3DSExplorer, rom_tool, but sadly nothing else.
  24. Well, I'm working on Mystery Dungeon : Gates to Infinity and I'm currently trying to convert an IMG file to a PNG. Firstly, let's talk about those IMG files. You can find them in /bg/ and /image_2d/ folders. Their header seems to always be 0x20 bytes long. All values in header are Little Endian. [table=width: 500, class: outer_border, align: left] [tr] [td] Offset [/td] [td] Size [/td] [td] Description [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0x00[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]Magic ".cte". { 0x00, 0x63, 0x74, 0x65 }[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0x04[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]File format. Possible values : 0x02 (RGB8), 0x03 (RGBA8888), 0x04 (ETC1) or 0x05 (??).[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0x08[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]Width. Always a multiple of 4.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0x0C[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]Height. Always a multiple of 4.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0x10[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]Pixel length in bits. 0x18 : 24bits pixels. 0x20 : 32bits pixels.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]0x18[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]Pixel data start offset. It looks like its value is always 0x80.[/td] [/tr] [/table] The pixel data is Width * Height * Pixel size long. Using the file format as a reference to CLIM file ones, you can convert those IMG into BCLIM files and then use png2clim to create a PNG. You should have to flip the image to obtain the final result. img2png : soon...
  25. i want to edit patrat and watchogs sprites(front and back) but i do not know how. i have tried gba methods but they dont work. can somebody tell me what tool i need for editing pokemon sprites and how i do it please
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