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  1. I need to use my oras retail cartridge on emunand, dont ask why. Everytime i start up the game, it tells me the data is corrupt, but i know it isnt because i play it on my new 3ds xl just fine. please someone help, id be very greatful.
  2. the cartridge works on my fcw 3ds, however it doesnt work when i put the cartridge in my new 3ds, it says the save data is corrupted
  3. I dont think you can import a rom save to cartridge save in savedatafiler
  4. if you can import saves to cartridge , would anyone care to explain how. im using rxtools
  5. I have 9.8 emunand on rxtools plus fbi. My cartridge oras has the elite 4 beaten on it already, i dont want to have to beat the elite 4 on my oras rom. is there any way for me to dump my oras save from my cartridge and import it onto the rom? im sure their is. I have powersaves too, please someone let me know.
  6. Ok I have savedata filer working thank you. But now Im trying to dump ext data of my omega ruby rom but it isnt working
  7. I dont have a Gateway Card but i am on CFW 4.2. Its not the cia Someone told me to make sure I didn't pull savedatafiler.cia directly from the sdk, and convert the csu. But I have no idea what that means.
  8. Everytime I click on it to use it. It says SD card was Removed. Im such a noob. Can anyone explian what to do in detail. I looked everywhere and no one explains what to do
  9. Like I said before Im very new. Everytime I open up Savedatafiler it says my sd card was removed. I really need help
  10. I am very new to this. I just downgraded to 4.2 and then installed cfw. What is my next step, if anyone would be so kind to help me out with this
  11. Battle video. Im saying without using Gateway. just my 3ds with v9.0.0 and an sd card
  12. I Will pay pal $100 to whoever wants to figure this out for me privately or publicly. AND I will upload any battle videos for whoever figures this out for a whole year, seeing how i have a capture card.
  13. I Have the new 3ds xl capture carded for my youtube channel. However my old 3ds is on version 9.0 and I use it to inject boxes of pokemon. Is there any way to edit the values that correspond with the vs recorder background? It may have nothing to do with values and correspondence. But you know what I mean.
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