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  1. I just got A9LH installed last night and I am still trying to get my gateway to work again but once I get this done I just need to know this one thing. since Luma3ds has the ro module patched and gateway doesn't if I use gateway while having the sys firm autoboot as luma3ds cfw then does that mean that if I boot into gateway it will have the ro module patched to use the cro mods that pk3ds supplies.
  2. I am having a problem with the latest build on page 1. Every time I make a AS rom it freezes after the scene when you learn about the dexnav right before your fathers gym city. Its not the rom because I made a fresh copy from my rom to be sure. Also I made a compile of the latest from github and it has a black screen after the whole opening. After the part where you pick your gender and then it opens the doors to little root. if I have the updates on it works but the starters don't get changed.
  3. I have edited Pokemon alpha sapphire many times in the last 4 months and when I started to hack my newly extracted contents of Pokemon Y I saw things were off. I noticed my exeFS settings were blacked out as if they were disabled (they were disabled). As well as this error: Does anyone know what I can do to work this out as I have tried a few different ways to extract the files and even tried different clean backups of the game but all result in this.
  4. I was wondering if someone could tell me the way people randomize there starters that they pick as I have seen them random on youtube runs but I can't find out online as to how they did it.
  5. Its working now, thank you for your help.
  6. I thought PK3DS doesn't need anything but the exefs and the romfs
  7. I have done all that you said and all I get is an array message when trying to open it in pk3ds.
  8. So I need all the romfs files not just the one that is in the same area as exefs and header. Also I don't think I got a code.bin when going through the decryption process.
  9. PK3ds isn't all that clear to new people on how this is suppose to be done and so I was wondering if someone could explain the steps of what EXACTLY I am suppose to do after I got the files decrypted. Also my game is of AS
  10. I am at this part of the pokemontrash site guide on this decryption stuff In the case of Pokémon Ruby Omega and Alpha Saphir (or any other game or above SDK 7), do this: To extract the files from ExeFS it'll be a little more complicated! You have 2 Xorpads ExeFS : - 000400000011C400.Main. exefs_7x .xorpad - 000400000011C400.Main. exefs_norm .xorpad (I recall that the following ID is not for all the ROM, for example, the 011C4 is Ruby Omega) We will use the tool MEX.py , which is at the root of the folder " PackHack . " For that, go to the root of this folder, right click in the blank, and click Open command window here . Once the order open CMD type the following command line: MEX.py EncryptedExeFS.bin 000400000011C400.Main.exefs_norm.xorpad 000400000011C400.Main.exefs_7x.xorpad outputExeFS.xorpad (I still remember once the Xorpads ID depends on your game) You get now a new file Xorpad calling itself outputExeFS.xorpad . Open again Xorfiles.exe: File Name 1: Open the file EncryptedExeFS.bin File Name 2: Open the Xorpad you just get (outputExeFS.xorpad) File Name 3: Save the decrypted file with the following name: DecryptedExeFS. bin in the folder " PackHack " Wait until you see the message: The file was successfully created XOR! Every time I add the stuff in and make the 1 digit change because I am using Sapphire not ruby and it gives me this error every time .code not found! Did you specify the input files correctly? I have done this a few different ways and this just keeps failing, what do I do?
  11. No I mean like can I switch out my emunand sd card for a clean one then rip the game files to pieces then change the sd card back with emunand on it then make the game I want it to be like and finally play it.
  12. Thats the thing the card itself should more or less be able to hold it. its a 4gb card but only shows that it has 2.9gb and has 1.2gbs used for likely my emunand..... Besides I kinda used most of my money on my new micro sd card. EDIT: Question if I had a 16gb sd card lying around somewhere, would I need emunand to get the files needed.
  13. I played this game and I found it was easy but did what I could till it just got boring. I then found a hard modded Omega ruby but it crashes all the time making it unplayable. So I came up with the idea to make one since I found this site and all. (way over my head) I then started for the last 3 hours or so trying to get all thats needed to get the GARC from my game ultimately that failed since my SD card has some odd issues and as a result can't hold anything more then 1.7gb and thats not enough for ruby. So I was wondering if you guys can help me figure out this problem 1. if anyone has a patch that can mix things up abit and make this interesting like how x and y were with its massive mixed gen wild pokemon and such. 2. if this isn't against the rules give me the GARC... Once again I looked at the rules and I am not sure if its breaking the rules but if it is I am sorry and I won't bring it up again. 3. Any way to unpack the 3ds file on pc without 3ds as I can't get the space on my sd card. Thanks for reading
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