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  1. Brock & Misty returns to “Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon” once again in special episodes (to be aired on September 14th & 21th, 2017)! Ash will be battling against their Mega Steelix & Mega Gyarados!
  2. #1 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff is only Pokemon still cute even when she angry. If you want cutest girl singing to you, catch her now. #2 Pikachu Pikachu is the one of the cutest pokemon. Pikachu is funny, sassy and chubby. If we are honest, he is the one we all want. People will go anywhere to catch this cutie. #3 Charmander Charmander is my personal go to first pick. From his little belly, to his little flame tail, Charmander is one of the cutest Pokemon has to offer. #4 Squirtle How can someone not find Squirtle cute? Squirtle is just so damn squeezabl
  3. I did not see anyone post this thread, and I almost missed this entirely. Also I had to look up these characters' English names, so I hope i have that right. Anyways, this is a character from SM series's Steenee. There is nothing special, but acquisition is via Serial Code. Species: Steenee Item: Yellow Nectar OT: 마오 (Mao) ID: 170919 Nature: Naive Gender: Female Ability: Leaf Guard Ball: Precious Ball Ribbon: Classic Ribbon Techniques: Magical Leaf Doubleslap Sweet Scent Acquisition Me
  4. Looks like they will get the Vulpix too ^^ Distribution Date 22/8 Serial Code? Need a translator
  5. Contents I. Introduction II. I Wanna Be the Very Best, Like No One Ever Was III. The Long and Winding Road IV. His Name was Tobias V. You're Such a Little Kid! VI. You Really Are an Amazing Person VII. “Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Greatest Decisive Battle” VIII. To Be Continued: The Cycle of Failure IX. A Jobber in Alola X. Closing Remarks As this is a subforum for discussion of the Pokémon anime, I feel this is an appropriate place to make this thread, for discussion purposes. The following below is an incredibly long rant about the state of the Pokémon anime. I make no attempt
  6. NO sounds sadly. Probably to prevent copyrights ★負ける気がしねぇ。I Don't Feel Like Losing ★
  7. Hello all im chalsie im a big fan of pokemon series can you guys tell me from where i can download pokemon anime wallpapers thanks in advance
  8. He was my favorite character ever. He was funny and had great personality. I loved the connoisseur stuff and they didn't expand on that enough.
  9. When I was a kid (in year 4 when the anime first came out), I admit, I was enamored by the anime and always wanted to watch it. But at some point in my life I stopped watching... I'm not sure why but I think I know the reasons. - Misty's attire bothered me - Misty's attitude bothered me - Brock was funny, but the flirting part turned me off too much when I was little - Ash is an idiot who decides not to evolve his Pokemon - Pokemon that aren't supposed to beat some other Pokemon beats it (example: Misty's Goldeen takes down James's Victreebel, Ash's Bulbasaur single-handedly takes down wi
  10. I saw that there were no threads in this section in the forum and so i decided to be the first one. So everyone what is your favorite movie, or short movie?
  11. Hey pokemon fans! Miles here, bringing you a play through of what is becoming my favorite Pokemon Rom Hack, Ash Grey. I'll be playing through the entire game for the first time and recording the whole thing! So if you want a look at what the game is like, or just like Pokemon, check it out! The game goes through the events that happened in the Anime, and does a good job at it too! Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Note: I do and do not claim to own rights to either Pokemon or Pokemon: Ash Gray, and a Link to the developers original forum will be provid
  12. I was watching this video on youtube just not sure if its real i think its cool just trying to get other opinions on it sorry guys posted wrong link before
  13. Have you ever noticed that our main hero is 10 years old when he goes to the Unova region and he was 10 years old when he started out in Kanto? Theory: Dialga has something to do with this
  14. How is it that in the Anime some of the worst moves in the games look so Amazing in the show or movies like pin missle and other move like that but you would never use in the games
  15. Ok, so the title pretty much explains it but whose your favorite character? Please post why! Mine is conway because of his intelligence. His style with pokemon battling is also excellent. With his defensive type moves and using normally neglected moves to perfect effect.
  16. Well, Just posted on the Pokemon.com site, It seems they are localizing the Black and White movies, Called "Victini and the White/Black Hero: Reshiram/Zekrom" This movie is scheduled to be released in the Theaters sometime in December 2011. In Japan, It came with a HOST of Promos, Like A Victini that knows the Exclusive Move V-Create, Which is currently the most powerful move in the game without recoil. Not to mention a Reshiram/Zekrom C-Gear skin, And a Special Town + Minigame in the Dream World. Personally, I would see it on opening day, But that may not be possible.. Here's the link:
  17. Just watched this film and it is very good, although quite sad in the end (in a kids program kind of way lol) I do not mean that comment to cause offence as I am 14 and still watching them, playing the games etc
  18. I have yet to watch it, which will hopefully be in a few hours soon today Those who watched the first two episodes already, what did you think of Pokemon: Best Wishes so far? Discuss
  19. Watch this blooper by Officer Jenny below is the link:
  20. Pokemon Movie 14: Victini & the Black Hero Serebii has announced that their will be an upcoming movie which will let you obtain a Special Victini and a Kerudio. This Victini is said to be a different one to that of the one you obtained via Liberty Ticket. Not much is known about this Victini, but if I were to guess, it would have the move V-generate. It is said that their will be an Event before and during this movie similar to Pokemon Movie 13. This will be the first Pokemon: Best Wishes Movie and will come out in Japan in July 2011. Video Screenshots
  21. Edit: This thread was created before Cartoon Network started airing Naruto Shippuden, that said, nomorew answers are required.. Have a nice day. :):):)
  22. Post your number one Favorite Pokemon Theme Lyrics. Here's mine. Pokemon Sinnoh League Victors It's about you It's about me It's about hope It's about dreams It's about friends that work together To claim their destiny It's about reaching for the sky (Pokemon) Having the courage And willin' to try It's about never giving up So hold your head up And we will carry on (Sinnoh League Victors) Pokemon
  23. I have heard on Serebii.net that at after Ash's defeat at the sinnoh league,he discovers a far away region called Isshu and heads there continuing his journey and decides to try to win the Isshu league.Also,Dawn and Brock dissapear and new characters are reploaced with them.I really was suprised but there are new characters in store and season 14 is coming very soon in japan so this is something very exiting for me.
  24. Hello everybody,I posted this thread because I wanted people to tell their opinion of the new pokemon show Pokemon Sinnoh Legue victors.Now we all know that all the dimond and pearl series take place in the Sinnoh reigon (my favorite of the four pokemon regions) and can especially tell that from the newest pokemon tilte.(Duh).So everybody do you like the newest adition the the pokemon shows? If you have anything to say,this is the place to talk about t.
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