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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but why wouldn't this work? I mean, Totem Pokemon are part of the trial, too.
  2. Having the same problem with the github build using AS. I edited the starters and the type effectiveness, but it just freezes at the point where you would gain control in the truck. Tried it as a .3ds in Gateway, and a .cia in both rxTool and Gateway, same result for both.
  3. Is there any way to raise the trainer's level, without messing up everything else? All I want to do is boost the trainers levels by 50% and raise their difficulty, but if I uncheck the 'random moves' and 'random held items' options, it removes all the existing moves and items from the trainers, too. It's either random, or nothing.
  4. I'm having a bit of trouble getting this to work. I unpacked my rom using DSBuff, decompressed the overlay using blz, and then made all my changes, but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do after that. I tried compressing it and repacking, and the game starts fine, but it crashes whenever a battle starts. I've tried both White and White 2, and the same thing happens on both.
  5. I actually tried that a while ago, and it doesn't seem to work for me. It CAN open them, and it CAN edit them, but the palette messes up completely when I do. It has nothing to do with the images I'm using, either. I can replace the images with identical copies of themselves and it still messes up. :\
  6. That's a bug caused by the trainer editor. It's not a gamebreaker, so Drayano probably didn't bother trying to fix it. Just pretend they're speechless that they lost to you.
  7. Actually I used Desmume to take those screenshots. It looks like that when I played it on a flashcard, too. :\ And I just checked the filesize. It's actually slightly smaller than the original. Not sure if that makes a difference. I know games can get really fussy about things like that. Also, Lenora's mugshot uses 18 colors. I'm guessing that might have something to do with it? Burgh, Cheren and Cilan all work fine, and they use 16 colors. I'm not sure why her mugshot uses 18 colors, though. Bianca's sprite uses 18 colors, too, and it has the same problem.
  8. I'm having a minor problem with the mugshot editor. I only replaced one sprite, and it works, but for some reason the other mugshots turn glitchy, even though I never even edited them. If I decompress the NARC I made, they're fine when I look at them in the editor. The problem only appears ingame. I've tried using a new NARC file, and it gave me the same result. Same thing happens when I use a different sprite.
  9. Where can you find the sprites for when you use Fly? I've managed to replace Black with Red (well, everything except the 'balancing' sprites, since I don't have any sprites for that, and it's only used on one route, anyway), but whenever you use Fly, he turns into Black. Same thing happens with the animation before each of the E4 members. He turns back into Red when the animations are done, but it's kinda bugging me. Also, what sprite does the Trainer Card use? I tried raplacing Black's sprite with Red's, but Black is still on the card.
  10. Making skins is easy once you get the hang of it. Finding something that actually works well as a skin... not so much.
  11. Tried it on Pokemon White (E). Doesn't seem to work for me. I tried it in a trainer battle and a wild battle, and in both instances my sigilyph still got all the exp. I assumed the Lucky Egg might've been interfering and tried again after removing it. Still didn't work. :frown: Also, you should try making a code like this for a single pokemon, instead of the whole team. For example, only the pokemon in the 2nd slot gets experience. That'll let you train a weaker pokemon without having to do the 'send it in, switch it out' routine.
  12. I've been having trouble with Xdelta myself, but I think I managed to get it working. Just keep the rom, patch, and Xdelta in seperate folders, then try to patch the rom. It never seemed to work for me if they were all in the same folder, but splitting them up seemed to do the trick. I have no idea WHY it did the trick, but it did. :creep:
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