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  1. It will only dump our box pokemon, not your party pokemon or battle box. Try clicking on the tab in PKHex called "Box"
  2. You can still attach hold items to your pokes in PKHex, so you are able to receive items through that method. Just make sure they're hold items and not key items.
  3. I think that the OP may be saying that the forum isn't as inviting to new members as it once was and it can be a little confusing to navigate or understand otherwise, so it appears as though there's not much going on when in fact there is plenty of discussion; it's just that they don't know where to look.
  4. FC: 3153-3407-8562 Name: David Friend Safari is Psychic and has Espurr, Abra, and Xatu. I'll probably be working backwards when adding people's names.
  5. Wow, I'm quite surprised that you guys are this far in Gen VI encryption. Obviously there is a long road ahead but you've made major progress so far in such short time.
  6. Glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking this. It doesn't matter as much now since we know that you need a Mewtwonite X/Y, but it would still be nice to know if you're able to stack them. The reason why people believe X and Y refer to chromosomes is because on the Japanese boxart, you can see a DNA double helix below the title, which is the same DNA structure you see after a pokemon megaevolves.
  7. Well it looks like they're putting a hack check feature for Pokemon Transporter. I'm sure that legitimate looking hacks will pass with no problem but the ones we would be sending will be a little too obvious.
  8. Guested meant that the 3D effect you usually see on the 3DS wasn't available for the overworld portion of the game.
  9. I'm sure no one expected seeing this when waking up this morning
  10. Apparently legendaries now have genders when transferred. Otherwise, everything else is correct.
  11. That's a pretty interesting way of seeing what the new moves will be. Hopefully the hex for pkm in Gen VI is similar to Gen V.
  12. Is there a code for unlocking challenge mode for Black 2 yet? I've only found the one for White 2.
  13. Yes, here's the link to the page that has the events, you can decide which language you want the events on the left hand side. http://projectpokemon.org/events/
  14. Odd how this was a BW and BW2 event for Japan, but in the US, it's only a BW event.
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