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Pokemon XD: Groovy Version 1.0.1

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Pokémon XD is a fine game, but it would be better with dancing Pokémon. Introducing the first XD hack with custom music: Pokémon XD: Groovy Version, a hack where you can feel like Miror B. (more or less). Every usable Pokémon has animations that resemble dancing, or fits Miror B. in some way or another.



-Custom music (mostly in combat).

-Changes done to some Pokémon.

-Every trainer is changed in some way, specially bosses.

-Only the grooviest Pokémon are obtainable.

-Make a full party of Ludicolos.

-Some text is adapted to the changes.

-Custom title screen and banner.

- *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso.


Known bugs:

-The music loops aren't perfect.

-Eldes has his Shadow Pokémon duplicated.

-Duking doesn't take your Trapinch for the trade.

-The Shadow Monitor has mutiple empty Torchic entries.

-Zook's battle doesn't have the intended music.


Custom Music list:

  • Pokémon Colosseum: Miror. B's Theme
  • Pokémon Colosseum: Mirakle B's Theme
  • Yakuza 0: Friday Night
  • Yakuza 0: Koi no Disco Queen
  • Yakuza 0: 24h Cinderella
  • Michael Jackson: Bad
  • Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal
  • Bee Gees: You Should Be Dancing
  • Yakitate Japan: Ending 2
  • Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga: Come On!
  • Punch Out!!!: Disco Kid's Theme
  • Street Fighter IV: Dudley's Theme
  • Mother 3: Mambo (Arragement by The Noble Demon)
  • Mass Effect 2: Afterlife
  • The Simpsons: Señor Burns


List of changes to the Pokémon


In order of appareance:

  • Lombre: Learns Teeter Dance, Petal Dance and Swords Dance with level.
  • Ludicolo: +10 Attack. Learns Teeter Dance, Petal Dance and Swords Dance with level.
  • Eevee: Doesn't evolve: New stats: 80/95/65/85/75/100. New ability: Guts. Learns Water Pulse, Shock Wave and Overheat with level.
  • Bellsprout: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 90/100/55/100/75/40. New ability: Limber. Learns Petal Dance, Weatherball and Swords Dance with level.
  • Delibird: New stats: 75/75/65/90/75/105. Learns moves with level.
  • Beautifly: New stats: 70/90/50/90/60/85
  • Combusken: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 70/105/80/95/60/105
  • Volbeat: New stats: 75/83/65/87/75/90
  • Kirlia: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 83/50/80/105/90/95. New ability: Own Tempo. Learns Petal Dance with level.
  • Spinda: New stats: 77/77/77/77/77/77
  • Golbat: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 100/85/90/65/80/90. New ability: Soundproof.
  • Totodile: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 70/80/75/110/75/115
  • Baltoy: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 60/80/80/80/90/80
  • Nosepass: New stats: 90/60/135/60/90/30
  • Lickytung: New stats: 110/75/75/60/75/30
  • Furret: New stats: 85/86/70/45/70/105. New ability: Limber
  • Grovyle: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 70/90/60/100/75/125
  • Meowth: Doesn't evolve. New stats: 65/70/65/60/60/120. New ability: Hustle.


Check out my other hacks:

poison.png.87e92873f5d15d87bdc4f0eb0215dc8f.png logoredux.thumb.png.e1b554118acef098e632d97e78450d6e.pngsketchlogo.thumb.png.44be17d6e9d4cdb0e4bc4fde4731c799.pnglogo.png.86c44f29e4116856c25789bfcb131025.png

Edited by JagGentlemann

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


-Updated patch format.

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