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Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Equality Version 1.2.0

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Welcome to a hack where all the Pokémon where created equal (for the most part). If you love a Pokémon that is almost unusable, here's your chance to make it the MVP in your team!



-Every Pokémon have the same stat base total. Pokémon that evolve twice have 300, the ones that evolve once 420, and the ones that don't evolve 540 (exceptions below).

-Rebalanced moves, types and movesets. Drill Run added (single target Ground attack).

-Different Shadow Pokémon, making enphasis in the ones with most changes.

-All trainers are changed, specially bosses. Bosses on XD only have one Shadow Pokémon.

- *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso.


The most notable changes



  • Smeargle: It's base total is 420.
  • Shedinja: It's base total is 460.
  • Slaking: No changes


  • Ekans, Arbok and Seviper are now Poison/Dark.
  • Maill and Azumarill are now Water/Normal.
  • Mawile is now Steel/Dark.


  • Psyduck and Golduck have Swift Swin.
  • Magnemite and Magneton have Levitate.
  • Grimer and Muk have Poison Point.
  • Spinarak and Ariados have Intimidate.
  • Qwilfish has Rough Skin
  • Slugma and Magcargo have Water Absorb.
  • Zigzagoon and Linoone have Limber.
  • Carvanha and Sharpedo have Swift Swin.


  • Drill Run added: 80 power, 95 accuracy, high-critical chance ratio, Ground type.
  • Toxic isn't universal, not everyone can learn it. 100 accuracy.
  • 2-5 Multihit attacks are now 25 power and 100 accuracy.
  • Comet Punch is Fighting type.
  • Spike cannon is Steel type.
  • Leech Life: 60 power.
  • Razor Wind: 195 power, 100 accuracy. Flying type.
  • Sky Attack and Skull Bash: 195 power, 100 accuracy.
  • Take Down: 110 power, 100 accuracy.
  • Double Edge: 140 power, 100 accuracy.
  • Acid: 85 power.
  • Submission: 130 power, 100 accuracy.
  • Poison Gas: 90 accuracy, both foes.
  • Crabhammer: 85 power, 100 accuracy.
  • Octazooka: 100 accuracy.
  • Iron tail: 85 power, 100 accuracy.
  • Thrash and Outrage: 105 power.

Known bugs:

-The Eldes fight is bugged. He clones his Shadow Pokémon.

-CD Battles will probably not work well because of all the changes.

-When a Pokémon suffers from a status effect, it's name doesn't appear, or an incorrect name appears.

-There might be a problem with Hordel's Shadow Togepi, sadly I haven't been able to check if it's solved, but in the worst case scenario you just have to teach it new moves.


Check out my other hacks:

poison.png.87e92873f5d15d87bdc4f0eb0215dc8f.png logo.thumb.png.186dc6f07a279c24456e937e8dcfa817.pngsketchlogo.thumb.png.8dc0e47fdb06eceef05ab0d9d0331157.pnglogoredux.thumb.png.e1b554118acef098e632d97e78450d6e.png

Edited by JagGentlemann
format fix

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


-Fixed the moves that Pokémon can learn via Move Tutor in XD

-Submission power nerfed from 130 to 110.

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