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  1. Okay, i will wait few **huge** minutes x)
  2. I send you the content and the error image
  3. How can i decompress the file because when i load PK3DS and when i try to decompress 001.bin, it show me an error
  4. Hmm...Thanks a lot i've found the file but when i load the 001.bin it with Ohana 3DS without uncompress the folder, it shows me the animation but not the pokemon just a '3d square'
  5. Hi there ! Insert image from URL I recently seen a video which showing a rom hack of Pokémon Sun & Moon, and i at the melemele bridge (when you have to save Neeby) The Pokémon who save you wasn't Tapu Koko but Necrozma And now, i would make the same thing but with another Pokémon ! How can i do it ? That's my question
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