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Pokemon Celestial Sun and Celestial Moon (New Rom Hack) Bug Testers Wanted

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Pokemon Celestial Sun and Moon are working in progress games, designed to be greater difficulty whilst having a changed experience with your Pokemon like ever before. Pokemon who the community believes to be underpowered or underwhelming have been edited to satisfy trainers who are up for the experience.

Currently, Pokemon edits have been completed, and up to the Pokemon Trainers' School have had their wild encounters and trainers edited too. I am currently doing this alone, and I am still currently okay completing the game alone; however bug testing and other tests in the game are impossible for me to do alone. Therefore, I wish for some companions to help me along the way. Further help may also be wanted further along the line also. I am currently fully committed to this project, and would wish for the help for people with the same ambition as I. If you are interested, please either leave a reply or join a dedicated Discord server. (Information below)

Further notes:
  • The game should preferably be completed by September
  • Anyone who would like to help should preferably be in the BST time zone
  • I am a teenage student (to some that may be a problem)
  • [Edit] No prior knowledge of Beta testing is necessary, just the ability to be able to use PK3DS


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