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  1. Hmm Im late but I wonder if there is a way to allow the game to show us the Pokémon that the trainer wants to switch in
  2. Ok I’ll see what I can do
  3. savedata.bin Here's a uncorrupted save
  4. yep i literally downloaded it today and also let me painfully go threw another Intro also lol beta eternatus
  5. I put my sdcard into my laptop after i backup
  6. lol I'm not even editing it I just get to a save point in lets go, save there, backup in jksv. transfer to my laptop put it into pkhex don't touch it in pkhex at all then transfer back to my switch restore the file which seems to be the root of my problem and then load back into lets go and its corrupted So basically nothings corrupted until I restore
  7. Woah that happens after i restore it think because when i backup it its just fine
  8. yep. but I have a theory that it may be the exclamation mark that's on the lets go Pikachu file idk that could be a solution savedata.bin Hope.rar
  9. Can someone help me with this cause I seem to have the same issue
  10. My PLGP save is always corrupted after I restore it no matter what even if I don’t change the save it’s corrupted and also I used checkpoint and Jksv so idk why it’s happening
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