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  1. Found this on WikiAnswers: L+R to activate. you get 493 master balls and 100 ultra balls. The Masters represent the national pokedex number, the ultras represent the level. If you want pokemon #400 at lvl 10, toss 93 masters and 90 ultras and hold L while searching the grass.
  2. Eh, I'm 18 and I still end up having to start my whole game over because I end up using malfunctioning codes. Kids of your son's age may be smart and game-savy, but they also get too excited too quickly, and it's way too easy to make a critical mistake. As for Mew3, in case you don't kinow (though I'm sure you do), Mew3 is non-existent. It is simply the mis-interpretation of Mewtwo in Giovanni's mind suit. Also, as stated above, you can only customize existing pokemon with existing abilities and moves with an AR and PokeSav/PokeGen.
  3. ...testing... OMG I LOVE MY NEW GLAMEOW!!!
  4. SO much better!!! Thank you!!! Yeah, I keep all my cords and chargers where she can't get to them now! x.x
  5. Sure will! JW, not being picky, but is there a way to shorten the code? See, I just got my own laptop recently, and until then I could only use my step-moms computer for AR. Well, she has a bajillion cords and wires (medical transcriptionist) and has a bad habit of cleaning out her collection. She just so happened to throw away MY cord, and I haven't been able to get another. So, I'm going manual for entering codes. I want that Glameow, so I'm gonna enter the code no matter what length. I just wondered if you could shorten it?
  6. Oh sweet you are so awesome!!! I'm assuming this will replace any poke that is there, right?
  7. Oh sweet you are so awesome!!! I'm assuming this will replace any poke that is there, right?
  8. Lol hey are you stalking me? ^^ Ok, I give. Max...hm... BEAUTY! Sounds like a contest Johanna would master in! I wants to earn my own ribbons for it, though.
  9. I just can't quite figure PokeSav out, and I'd really like a specific Glameow for my Platinum: Cherish Ball Fateful Encounter OT: Johanna ID: 01310 Nature: Docile Ability: Own Tempo Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Swift, Attract (all found on bulbapedia) The IV's and EV's should be legit. AR Code, if you will? I figured it would be so cool if Johanna gave her Glameow to Dawn for contests, which is what I want to use it for.
  10. Is it too much to ask for a SS English Version AR code for Light Balls? I don't even care if it replaces the first item in my bag. I just want a simple Light Ball. E-mail me, if you would be so kind, when you find/create a working code. spiritpony@hotmail.com
  11. The compact can now be downloaded, but the codes for AR just don't work.
  12. The codes just don't work. I tried items, I tried party pkm, I tried storage pkm. From what I've heard, the ENG version is actually for JPN games, and the ID's are wrong. Plus, when I hit the button for the newest version it just downloads the compact.
  13. Lucky. Hm... maybe I can jack my friends on monday... -evil- no, wait, -NASTY plot- he he he...
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