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  1. Ah wow, looks like I didn't. That worked. Thanks!
  2. I keep getting an error "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format" whenever I try to run the english program. I run it as administrator, then it tells me there's a firmware update. Then while it's updating my firmware it gives me that error.
  3. PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    With the new update, the window still isn't the correct size
  4. X / Y Save File Research

    That's impressive! Was this all done without any 3ds mods? Like with only a 3ds, a retail cart, and powersaves? (and the skills of course...)
  5. PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    That didn't seem to help :\. It works fine on my old desktop so I guess I could just use that when needed
  6. PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    You got it. Here
  7. PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    Huh, alright here it is again [ATTACH=CONFIG]11387[/ATTACH]
  8. PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    Ever since the 4/9 update, PKHex opens in a window that is too small for the program if that makes any sense... Here's a picture of what I mean. I tried running in compatibility mode, but nothing seems to fix it. I'm running on windows 8.1 [ATTACH=CONFIG]11384[/ATTACH]
  9. X / Y Save File Research

    From what I understand, since powersaves sends your save to their hacked 3ds farm to sign the save and send it back... Could you take a save, edit it by adding a Pokemon in your box or whatever, and then send it to powersaves servers to get that final AES signing (as long as the other checksums and hashs are correct)?
  10. Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6

    What exactly can't people figure out in the wonder trade packets? I figured out the header checksum and got the UDP checksum, but those aren't the checksums people are talking about, are they? I modified a packet and added in the event shiny Entei, but my several attempts to inject it failed. The destination port of my 3ds changes every wonder trade which makes it hard to inject.
  11. Is there a code to complete the pokedex, without saying all were caught?
  12. Is there a code to complete the pokedex without listing all as caught?
  13. Is there a code to fill out my pokedex without listing them all as caught? I have yet to find one that doesnt say i caught them all
  14. My AR DSi with a 2g micro sd card gives me the error "failed to create SAVES folder" and when I manually make a folder titled SAVES it still gives me the error. I am on firmware 1.25. Does anyone know if the SD card has to be formatted a certain way (FAT or FAT32 or something) or just a solution? EDIT: it works fine with my Diamond. I guess it's just my White version