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  1. Hey guys, I have made significant updates to this tool. It can now decompile scripts from the games to some extent. There are instructions on how to decompile the scripts on the GitHub page. I am still looking forward to making tutorials for this.
  2. Hey all, I created a macro system for event scripting in the DS generation of Pokémon games. It can be found here. Note: this only supports Black 2 and White 2 at the moment, and not all script commands from those games are in. Requirements To set it up, you will need: devkitARM (included with devkitPro). Python 3.4 or greater. Utilizing it: To start, make sure this is included at the top of your file: Once you do that, make a label for the script you are writing: Example: # script goes here Then, add a new label at the top, and add pointers to your script like so: scripts: script <script label> Then, compile it using the Python script: python CheapScript.py <script> <output directory> Once you do all of that, add the script to your game by finding the corresponding script NARC (in B2W2, it is a0/5/6), and replacing the script container that you want to (in SDSME, you can find a list of them, under the “script” section in the Map Headers tab). Profit! An example of a script in action can be seen here. Happy scripting!
  3. It's not exactly hard, just slightly more advanced. The easy part is building an AAC using Audacity (it has to be a specific profile). The slightly more advanced part would be having to hex edit the values for looping, as we currently have no tools to edit the BCSAR.
  4. I have figured this out. I just had to rebuild the game's sound data with a tool from the Nitro SDK.
  5. Hello, I attempted to replace the Nitro Sound Bank (SBNK) of a song in the SDAT of Pokémon White 2, also replacing the Nitro Wave Archive (SWAR) and Nitro Song Sequence (SSEQ). When I try to play the song via VGMTrans, it plays just fine. However, when I replace the SDAT of a ROM with this modified one, and try to play the song, nothing plays. Would anyone know how to fix this?
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