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  1. I'm trying to use the Pokered disassembly to recreate the Japanese Red and Green, but one of the changes I need to make is to restore the original Japanese tilesets. The only halfway-decent tutorial out there says to just simply edit the respective PNG in any editor and put it back where you got it from, all while retaining the original monochrome color, which I did, but when I tested this out, there was NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER. Can someone help me out here?
  2. Suggestion: Decoration Editor for Gen 3-4

    I already tried that. It doesn't let you add decorations you don't already have, from my experience with it. As for Gen 4, I heard Pokesav MIGHT have that feature, but I never tested it.
  3. Suggestion: Decoration Editor for Gen 3-4

    Honestly, this is a feature that I've been waiting a long time for, especially in Gen 3's case. Is it possible to add such a feature in a future release?
  4. So, I started a new game on Diamond. Named myself Ross. Two badges in, I realized I hated the name Ross, and preferred Darrell. So, I busted open the latest version of PKHex, and changed my name to Darrell. For good measure, I edited all my Pokemon's OT name to Darrell (except for a Chatot I got in a trade). When I opened up my game, it showed the save file, renamed to Darrell, so far so good. But when I pressed A, all I got was two black screens, never changing, no sound whatsoever, just black screens. If I screwed myself over, I'm never using PKHex on a Gen IV save ever again. And no, I don't have before/after saves. EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using an R4i 3DS SDHC RTS. And yes, I made sure I got the latest firmware. EDIT 2: I checked the FAQ, and yes, my save file is 512KB.
  5. Colosseum - Shiny Ageto Celebi possibility?

    I see. Thanks a bunch, people!
  6. I've done some research regarding the Japanese event Celebi given away via Colosseum's bonus disc (in Japan), otherwise known as Ageto Celebi. Most of what I found was arguments over whether or not Ageto Celebi can be shiny. One person in particular claimed that he and his friend had done extensive research, and discovered Ageto Celebi can be shiny, albeit extremely unlikely, but apparently deleted their findings out of fear of a lawsuit. Honestly, it seems sketchy, but despite most people insisting that Ageto Celebi CANNOT be shiny, no one was able to provide the algorithm that proves this statement, as if they're just blindly believing what someone said. What I'm asking is, well, does anyone here have any solid evidence proving the possibility or impossibility of Ageto Celebi being shiny? If no algorithms or the like are brought to my attention, then I'll have no choice but to assume that a shiny Ageto Celebi is indeed viable.
  7. I......never knew about checksums. I'll check that out tomorrow. EDIT: It didn't work. EDIT#2: I got it to work! How? By comparing my save with Aladore's in HxD, and making the appropriate changes. Apparently, I wasn't changing enough values. :rolleyes: #herpderp
  8. Hmm........Whenever I edit the addresses in a hex editor and reinsert my save file, the game tells me my save was deleted, and starts a new game. Thankfully, I made backups, but this is still very concerning..........
  9. Save with Celebi(Ageto) This link leads to a FireRed save file absolutely LOADED with LEGIT event Pokémon, INCLUDING Ageto Celebi. It doesn't have a shiny Ageto Celebi, but don't be surprised. That particular shiny 'mon is rare to the point where only a small handful are apparently confirmed to exist. Something about being checked for shinyness TWICE? Whatever. Just download that save file, and either trade via emulator, or drag-and-drop with PKHex. Having gotten a Wishmaker Jirachi from this save, I'll be the first to tell you this is no hoax. BTW, you're welcome.
  10. How to Use PkHeX for Gen 1-5 Games?

    Gen 4 and 5, there's TWLSaveTool, IIRC. Not sure about other Gens, though.
  11. (Gen III) Is there any way to edit trainer card stats?

    I believe FRLG has either an Action Replay or Gameshark code that allows instant victories? Me, I'm working on the stickers myself, and I plan on slogging through all 200 times. What can I say? It's a perfect way to get all, and I mean ALL, of my Pokémon to Lv. 100. Really, what's becoming a concern for me is the wireless minigame star. I simply have no way of jumping 200 times, or catching 200 berries..........
  12. But PKHex doesn't edit those wireless minigame scores in FRLG. I know you had written offsets that could get that feature working again in your editor, but good luck getting me to figure out how to add them in myself.