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  1. I'm pretty sure connectivity was planned, especially since gen 7 has a go icon for pokémon that went unused. Maybe it was just hardware limitations (3ds not having bluetooth) or just a lack or time to make it. Keeping pokémon at level 1 when transferring is kinda dumb, it makes all other games underlevels trivial, especially if they make the same move in gen 8 (which would ruin everything that is/will be released in go). Setting a level-cap would be something nice to fix it
  2. You can use this program I translated from spanish to edit your decorations/traps in diamond, pearl and platinum Mx-DSPokeEdit 1.97 - English.exe
  3. It depends on how you extract your save from your 3ds. If you have cfw, you should be good to update. On the other hand, if you only have homebrew, you need to make sure it still works in 11.4, since soundhax was patched in this update
  4. If you format it, I'm almost certain that there'll be no traces of installed CIAs and homebrew left in the 3DS, but if the information already has been sent over to Nintendo's servers, there's no way for you to delete what they have.
  5. Hello everyone. As some of you may already know, there was a recent 3ds banwave, that issues the error code 002-0102 when trying to access your friendlist or go online in games. I'm wondering if anyone here was affected by it, since there seems to be a large group of gbatemp users banned
  6. @jojo12100 will need to specify which one, since from what I understood he wanted to try inserting Ghetsis' Kyurem into the party, but @BlackShark already said it wasn't possible
  7. You can mess with it using a .sav that you get on the R4. HxD is a hex editor program for the pc, since you can't move the special pokémon in the pc in BW2, you need to edit it's data from box to box or from the box to your party. That's what I understand, at least
  8. @theSLAYER Here's the file: https://mega.nz/#!Ek4xDSLZ!0_dYcoHxXOfRR-eOYTAwcvPudzgsXECVkOygWkKQYqc
  9. I wish I could try to help, but my SFW on my gateway 3ds is 4.5, so the saves will probably be incompatible due to the difference in encryption
  10. Got home about now. Couldn't remember the name of the tool I used, but that's it. If you wipe the save data, the cartridge will be the same as a new one, so you will be able to get a manaphy after beating the campain again
  11. If you reset the save using in-game methods, the manaphy flag stays the same. You need to use external tool to completely wipe the save of the cartridge
  12. I think I can't get the pokemon in kiawe team, but I'll look into it. I got a pretty rushed week, so I couldn't look into Pokémon at all. My classes are coming back from vacation, so I'm looking into getting some classes this semester and will be occupied with it this next week.
  13. You will need to wait untill Gen 7 gets it's Move Tutors for it to be legal. Since in gen 6 you can only pass down the ball if the mother is in it, the mother would need to be catch in HGSS. Because of this, she could not have a HA. Breeding her with a male with HA would not generate any pokémon with HA, since the father only passes it with Ditto. Since in gen IV-VI Starmie can learn gravity with move tutors, right now you can only chose HA or Lure Ball. If we get new gen 7 games with move tutors, you could catch a Starmie with it's HA with a Lure Ball in Sun and Moon and teach it gravity in the new game tutors if they have the move. Edit: Sorry for the mess/redundancy. I'm very sleepy right now. Can try to revise it tomorrow morning
  14. I edited them out by mistake, for "legality purposes", when I clicked on the red triangle in PkHex.
  15. Here's the 3 first trial pokémon. It's the raw data for them, so the met location and date is not set. The thing that interests me is that when you dump the totem pokémon, they come with form set to 2, so their sprite in PkHex appears as their normal sprite with a ? watermark. I also dumped the marowak before the third trial, if anyone is interested in it. The excess of T-Wishiwashi happened because I forgot to make a backup of the save before battling wishiwashi, so I tried to Save State using NTR and my game crashed 2 times. In the other hand, the T-Gumshoos where because I was triying to get the hang of dumping the helper pokémon Totem.rar
  16. They probably are just copies of the ones that are already on the internet, since supposedly all of the known non-japanese Local Distribution cart's have been dumped.
  17. Just wait. Playing ~~20 hours is not something I can do in just 2 days. First I wanted to see if I was able to get them withouth dumping RAM. Since it's possible, I'll slowly go through the rest of the game, since I plan on fightingh each totem pokemon at least 3 times to see which IV's are set and those kinds of things. I'll be sure to get the helpers pokemon too. I think I can get all of them by friday, if not early
  18. I'll get them also, but I got tired of the 3 hour long tutorial. It's the third time I'm doing it
  19. PKMN-NTR can see wild pokémon data while you play using NTR-debugger, so I just dumped the wild pokemon data, wrote it to the first open slot in the pc and exported the box data. Then I went into PkHex to fix the met location and date, since PKMN-NTR can't do it at this moment. If I manage to get a copy of Moon for my New3ds I'll get the Raticate too, since I saved and made a backup before the first totem pokémon.
  20. Here's the Gumshoos from the first trial. EDIT: By dumping some more Gumshoos untill I was able to find the Yungoos .pk7, I found out that all of both pokemons IV's are set to 0, except the atack, which is given a random value from 2-28 (From my samples. It may as well be 0-31) 735 - Gumshoos - 072B09C4E3AC.pk7
  21. I found a similar program at gbatemp. According to the post: So I'm going to test it on my game. Just finished dowloading it and started a new save. When I get some results I'll post back here
  22. I just walk alot with them in my bag. I get around 600 watts per day on each of them, but there's usually a 700 step discrepancy between each of them, with no apparent reason for it.
  23. The sad thing is that I'm in yellow forest and the watts reset after you come back from a stroll. I'll change the course to sightseeing (in my English soul silver) to try a chance at it too
  24. I bought a japanese soul silver too. It should arive in my home in about 10 days. Afther that I can try to help with catching these exclusive pokémons
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