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  1. @arjun I am using Visual Studio's binary editor and VBinDiff. @Damedayo Very nice work with the extra 2 stats you found and the powder jar value. I confirmed that they work. Can you pm me the save with the 10.58 value to see if I can find anything? @Kaphotics Thanks to Damedayo's work, we have these 2 extra stats. In PKHeX we can edit the first 50 stats (if I counted correctly). These 2 are right after the 50th (Entered hot springs), Union trades & battles is the 51st and berry crush the 52nd. You could kindly add them in FR/LG versions. Edit: Just found the Link battle records board location in FR/LG. It is Section 0 + 0x0A98 and works exactly like in Emerald as explained some posts above.
  2. Awesome work, I compiled it at home and it runs perfectly. Thank you. Perhaps the only thing you might consider improving is that for the average user it might be difficult to figure out how to change the value of the HOF Debut, but this is definitely not important. Thanks again.
  3. Good news, I have located the offsets for the game stats in Emerald. Here is what appears in the trainer card: GAMES_STATS BlockOfs[2] + 0x061C FIRST_HOF_PLAY_TIME BlockOfs[2] + 0x0620 ⊕ SecurityKey LINK_BATTLE_WINS BlockOfs[2] + 0x0678 ⊕ SecurityKey LINK_BATTLE_LOSSES BlockOfs[2] + 0x067C ⊕ SecurityKey POKEMON_TRADES BlockOfs[2] + 0x0670 ⊕ SecurityKey POKEBLOCKS_WITH_FRIENDS BlockOfs[2] + 0x06A4 ⊕ SecurityKey WON_LINK_CONTEST BlockOfs[2] + 0x06A8 ⊕ SecurityKey BATTLE_POINTS_WON BlockOfs[0] + 0x0EBA I also have the offsets for most of the remaining game stats that do not appear(?) in-game. Except for the BATTLE_POINTS_WON which is a 2 byte value and on a different section, the other are all 4 byte values. However, since the max value of these stats are 9999 (minus the time formatted FIRST_HOF_PLAY_TIME) and they have to be XORed with the security key, only the lower 2 bytes matter/change. The FIRST_HOF_PLAY_TIME value works like this: The first/higher 2 bytes represent the hours, the next byte the minutes and the last/lower byte the seconds. I have also found the battle results board location and format. It is at BlockOfs[4] + 0x02D0 with a size of 80 bytes. Each of the five trainer entries are made of 16 bytes. The first 8 bytes are the trainer's name. 1-7 characters + the string terminator (0xFF). If the name is shorter than 7 characters, then the remaining bytes after the terminator are valued 0x00. The next 2 bytes are the trainer's ID (TID) and the final 6 bytes are the results. 2 bytes for the number of wins, 2 for losses and 2 for draws. A void trainer entry begins with a string terminator and the remaining 15 bytes valued zero.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I was travelling. First of all, thank you for your awesome tool. Also thank you for the links, very helpful and informative. By saying you need the full offset list, you mean in order for us to be able to edit the full range of "game stats"? For the trades we have all the info we need, I think. Right? Anyway, my idea is to locate just the data that appears on the trainer card (+ the stickers) so that we can create a trainer card editor form within pkhex (could I contribute this on github?) where one is able to change all that data. I will start looking for the other offsets.
  5. Research successful. The process is the same with the amount of coins. In games with a security key (FR/LG/E) the 2 byte value needs to be XORed with the lower 2 bytes of the security key. In all games the value that represents the number of trades is located in Section 2. The offsets for the games are FR/LG: Section2 + 0x02D4 E: Section2 + 0x0670 R/S: Section2 + 0x0614 @Kaphotics Any chance this is going to be implemented in PKHeX?
  6. OK, I have located the value in all of the GBA GEN III games. I have attached a zip with the saves I edited and a text with the locations. I 'll run some more tests and see if I can come up with some code that finds the value and edits it and hopefully release a tool if I find the time. Cheers! trade test.zip EDIT: Unless I made a big mistake, on my FireRed save the value is on a section with ID 2, and on LeafGreen it's on a section with ID 0. Is this possible? Anyone with any info on that? EDIT2: Never mind, I actually did a mistake...
  7. I finally found it. It is a 2 byte value, that is XORed with the lower 2 bytes of the security key. On the save file I attached, it can be found at 0x192d4. Side question: does the security key change every time one saves one's game? If @Kaphotics is interested at adding this to pkhex, I can find the value from all the GEN III games. test.sav
  8. Thanks for the help, I was actually searching for a 2 byte little endian value and wrote 4 byte by mistake. I am still continuing my search, still nothing.
  9. OK, first of all I'm new here, first post actually, so I'm sorry if I'm posting in a wrong forum. I want to find and change the number of trades I've done on my FireRed game, which is shown in my trainer card, since I could not find a tool that does this. After reading this article, I managed to familiarize myself a bit with the file format, and managed to locate some data like the Trainer's name, the Security Key, coins, etc. Now on to the problem: I was not able to find the number of trades anywhere. I tried locating it as a string, as a "raw" 4 byte value, xoring with both the lower 2 and the higher 2 bytes of the security key. Everything to no avail. I even dumped my hex editor and tried to find it with Cheat Engine after trading. Again nothing. I am in desperate need of help. Anyone ever had any success in finding it? Thanks in advance. P.S. Sorry for my English, not my native language.
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