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  1. So i injected a few Pokemon from pksm with my ID/SID,They are in my party and somehow if my Starter Pokemon gets exp the ones from pksm Also gets exp but that shouldn’t be possible in Pokemon diamond cause exp share doesn’t exist in that game.It’s Also not holding an exp share.Can i fix this? also with event Pokemons,It said they are in slot 1 but they aren’t in any edit: i read that the exp share is in the game and i checked my items again and i don’t have an exp share.
  2. The Pokemon file When you Done using pkhex.Is it possible to inject iT on a gamecard instead of a back up game.
  3. I Said iT in THE wrong way,I have an original diamond cartridge.Is iT possible to upload a pkhex file with checkpoint on iT?
  4. I do have checkpoint,Do I need to drag the PKHeX file to checkpoint and then I’m good?
  5. Can’t have gligar in Pokémon diamond so I want to use PKHeX to get him in the game.Do I need to download PKHeX on 3ds or can I download it on my pc? If it’s possible I want to send a Pokémon file on the root of 3ds and send it to Pokémon diamond.Anyone know how to do this and more info about it?
  6. Looking for an ash Infernape with blaze activated like in the series to use iT on Pokemon ultra moon.
  7. Okay so it doesn’t matter if it gets an error from a previous gen Pokémon? Thanks!
  8. I tried it with one Pokémon (chimchar) but I get automatically an error cause of his attack(which I didn’t add but the file itself) and the error Pokémon not from origin in this game.Its not only Pokémon from gen 4 even the example Pokémon eternatus too
  9. Can I do something about Pokémon that can’t be added in the game? It’s saying “it’s not in the origin game”
  10. Okay thanks so I will download them and drag them to the file? Is that the right thing to do? Also which gen is possible to add in the game? I’m a big fan of gen 4
  11. Can I get more explanation please? Should I download the Pokémon and drag them to the file?
  12. Hello my question is how do I add gen Pokémon to my sword game.I already made a backup with the checkpoint and added the sd card in the pc and checked the folder in the map of checkpoint but how should I add Pokémon in it?
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