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  1. Yeah, I don't see any "Unlock Mega checkbox under the Misc. tab in the Trainer Info Menu in PKHeX". Where is it, exactly?
  2. @psy_commando Hey, in what offset would determine, in Explorers of Sky, that would make Pokemon un-recruitable in a dungeon? I've been looking for that offset, and the 100% recruit code is pretty much the only way to bypass that.
  3. I don't know if anyone's found this offset yet, but I have. Temporary Statuses: 00A13134 - Attack 00A13138 - Defense 00A1313C - Sp. Attack 00A13140 - Sp. Defense 00A13144 - Accuracy 00A13148 - Evasion Accuracy, I should note, seems to be differently numbered from its' 5 cousins. It's like, some numbers higher in their initial value. I'm thinking of looking into status effects.
  4. Hey, if I wanted to play this on Nintendo Wii, would I need to use Nintendon't or something?
  5. If anyone here has heard of JGecko codes, can anyone help me port this code from the AR DS to JGecko for Wii U? If it helps, the offset for the NTSC-U version of the game is 16000000... I think. Here's how that looks like... Easy Recruit code (Turn off) 94000130 FFEB0000 9230DD8E 000003A0 1230DD92 000008BD 02051294 E7900001 D2000000 00000000 Convereted to JGecko 09010000 04000130 // act. address 00000014 00000000 // button value 03010000 0230DD8E // if equal to 3A0 000003A0 00000000 00010000 0230DD92 // 16 bit write 000008BD 00000000 00020000 02051294 // 32 bit write E7900001 00000000 D0000000 DEADCAFE // Terminator Easy Recruit Code (Turn on) 94000130 FFDB0000 9230DD8E 000003A0 1230DD92 0000E8BD D0000000 00000000 02000090 000004AD E2000080 00000010 E59FC008 E780C001 E7900001 EA014481 52000090 000004AD 02051294 EAFEBB79 D2000000 00000000 Converted into JGecko: ???
  6. Hey, this game was released for Wii U, right? Would anyone know how to port Action Replay codes to Wii U, such as the Easy Recruit code?
  7. And out of curiosity, I am using the RAM Explorer... so, in which PID would I look for the attack modification addresses, e.g. 0894C5E8?
  8. Y'know, at very high levels, using a Void Shadow effectively curb-stomps most of the game given its stats and because of the Boss Pokemon thing. Drain heals most of the damage done, and Peripheral Attack attacks enemies in a circle. The one thing I forgot to mention, however, is that Void Shadows have this tendency to spawn more Void Shadows when hit.
  9. 2.4.2 of FBI, I don't know how to install a CFW for the life of me, and no. If it helps any, I'm trying to install the BootNTR.cia from the Homebrew Menu via OOTHax.
  10. Because, FBI won't install BootNTR.cia. I keep getting a "cert signature failed" error when I try.
  11. I see. So, how does one go about RAM Editing without the Spider injection? See, I'm at a 3DS Hardware version where I can't use that.
  12. Here's a list to go with your Dungeon Modifier... Hexes for Anty-Lemon's CodeStoryline Dungeons:000 Tiny Woods001 Thunderwave Cave002 Mt. Steel004 Sinister Woods006 Silent Chasm007 Mt. Thunder008 Mt. Thunder Peak009 Great Canyon00A Lapis Cave*04E Rock Path00B Mt. Blaze00C Mt. Blaze Peak*04E Rock Path00D Frosty Forest00E Frosty Grotto*04F Snow Path00F Mt. Freeze010 Mt. Freeze Peak*04F Snow Path011 Magma Cavern012 Magma Cavern Pit013 Sky Tower014 Sky Tower Summit016 Uproar Forest017 Howling ForestPost-Game Dungeons:018 Stormy Sea019 Silver Trench01A Meteor Cave01B Great Canyon (2)01C Fiery Field01D Lightning Field01E Northwind Field01F Mt. Faraway020 Western Cave021 Northern Range022 Pitfall Valley023 Buried Relic024 Wish Cave025 Mt. Freeze (With Gengar)026 Mt. Freeze Peak (With Gengar)027 Murky Cave (With Gengar)028 Desert Region029 Southern Cavern02A Wyvern Hill02B Solar Cave02C Darknight Relic02D Grand Sea02E Waterfall Pond02F Unown Relic030 Joyous Tower031 Far-Off Sea032 Purity Forest033 Oddity Cave034 Remains Island035 Marvelous Sea036 Fantasy StraitMakuhita Dojo Mazes:037 Normal Maze038 Fire Maze039 Water Maze03A Grass Maze03B Electric Maze03C Ice Maze03D Fighting Maze03E Ground Maze03F Flying Maze040 Psychic Maze041 Poison Maze042 Bug Maze043 Rock Maze044 Ghost Maze045 Dragon Maze046 Dark Maze047 Steel Maze048 Team Shifty049 Team Constrictor04A Team Hydro04B Team Rumblerock04C Rescue Team 204D Rescue Team Maze* - Can only visit once in the main story.Misc:003 Acts as if dungeon was cleared005 Acts as if dungeon was cleared015 Acts as if dungeon was cleared
  13. Here's that Dungeon Modifier. It belongs to Demonic from GameHacking... ::Dungeon Modifier :::Hold Start when choosing a dungeon. 94000130 FFF70000 221BA47C 00000XXX D2000000 00000000
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