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Project Pokemon ROM Editor 2 (PPRE) 2.2.0

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PPRE is a multi-purpose ROM editing tool for altering Nintendo DS Pokemon games. The project was started originally to edit Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by SCV based off of Treeki's Nitro Explorer and loadingNOW's thenewpoketext. pichu2000 created a strong basis for the scripting capabilities that PPRE will always have. Alpha has added many new features to make PPRE as versatile as it is. PPRE is written in Python and makes use of PyQt for its GUI. Development was led by SCV and Alpha.

PPRE2 is a complete re-coring of PPRE. The original developers were still immature in their programming practices, so there is a lot of room to grow. The goal of PPRE2 is to provide a much better experience for ROM editing and to add many new features. Development is led by Alpha and open to the Project Pokemon community.


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The original PPRE (beta 0.14 is still the latest release, unfortunately) had the ability to edit level-up moves, wild Pokemon data and Trainers, whereas this sadly does not.

As a result, while this is compatible with Gen V whereas PPRE beta 0.14 isn't, this is an inferior tool, in my opinion. PPRC (Rom Changer) has the exact same options as PPRE2, but also has a better UI - use that instead. ANDT does have a level-up editor and a Hidden Grotto editor, so that's nice; too bad Drayano wrecked compatibility with standard tools by removing unused data in BlazeBlack 2/VoltWhite 2, the one main flaw in them...

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There is no more convenient tool like PPRE to edit gen4 pokemon stats. However PPRE1(0.14b) is unable to saving moves edit and PPRE2 is just unable to saving any changes. To be honest both of them are hard to use compared with other similiar tools like prc_bw1or2 and pk3ds. Moreover, Their code on github is about 11 yr before last committed, the code dependencies are obsoleted (python2+pyqt4+other python libs) .

I've upgrade origin project with bug fix, refine code and simpilfy user logic make it useable to edit gen4 (and gen5 maybe) pokemon\move stats and text.

download from github or from my attachment (windows)


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