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  1. Is there a new way to recruit Phione, Heatran and Shaymin in this hack other than getting their shinies in Destiny Tower? I've already unlocked Marine Resort and I still haven't been able to recruit them.
  2. When I complete Destiny Tower the game cuts to a black screen after I exit the dungeon and see the dungeon cleared message. Any idea how that can be fixed?
  3. Nice hack so far! I've been messing around with the game and want to know how do you unlock Zero Isle Center, Worldcore and the other new Dungeons? Also how do I unlock Destiny Tower and get Arceus' Exclusive items? I tried making Drinks and Recycling, but that didn't work. I'm currently in the postgame right now. EDIT: I managed to figure out how to unlock these.
  4. Is there a way that the ability_data could also be extracted along with move_data and pokemon_data? I want to be able to edit an ability that was unused, which is Multitype.
  5. So about the XML files for the Pokemon and moves, I want to try adding Arceus to the game. would editing the XML files for the placeholder pokemon and $$$ work? Or is there more to it than just that?
  6. Is there a way you can add in extra slots for the player's Natures and Partners?
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