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  1. Pretty sure this is the last event. Pokeball Magerna is gonna be the next "AZ Floette" Though i would love to be proved wrong. Also with no future games having all pokemon anymore not getting Shiny Zeraora this gen is gonna suck as well. (Then again we STILL don't have Shiny Meloetta Keldeo or Victini..........)
  2. Hey sorry for bumping a old topic. Love the bot but is there anyway we can change it to where it doesn't say "Shinygts.com" Kinda defeats the purpose if we want to giveaway our own pokemon.
  3. Yea im curious about this as well. Both of my shiny manaphy which has went through 3 generations as legit is now coming up illegal.
  4. So i reading Gen 1 mew can actually be shiny. So this means a english shiny mew is finally legal right? Anyone have a pk7 file that works?
  5. Seems they updated it. Shiny Xerneas/Yveltal/Diance XYZ Zygrade/Alexander Hoopa all can be traded and used online now.
  6. Back to the mew topic. I downloaded one of the mews from the 2nd page but just realized it don't have the "gb" marking. Does PKhex support this yet?
  7. Alexander Hoopa Japan Shiny Diance These are also blocked. I'll keep checking everything else i have,
  8. To be fair im simply dragging and dropping the files from my 6th gen save to my 7th gen save and injecting them. Maybe something happens to the file through the pokebank app itself that allows them to be traded that pkhex doesn't pick up. Seems weird that nintendo wouldn't allow all these recent events to be traded.
  9. Alexander Hoopa also can't be traded.
  10. Yea they go through bank just fine. They just not letting us trade them within sun/moon(i only tried Xerneas/Yvetal/Diance)
  11. Ok makes sense. But still there has been a english release of these events and those are blocked as well. So something isn't adding up.
  12. Ok i think i fixed everything. 716 ★ - ゼルネアス - 1937F3F307F6.pk7 Edit This file is still blocked from being traded.
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