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  1. Kaphotics responded you already, but if you want to know why specifically it's not possible, it's because first this exploit is exclusive to Old 3DS due to its browser, but since the games runs in extended memory mode (like Smash and newer Monster Hunter gams), the browser and miiverse can't be launched at all. So no luck. NTR won't work either on Old 3DS for tat reason. Your best bet is installing custom firmware and using JK's Save Manager.
  2. Impossible. This exploit only works in an Old 3DS (downgraded) browser, and the games run in extended memory mode in them, where the browser can't be launched.
  3. A friend compiled it for me an hour ago, might as well share https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/219546163928498177/246353572957126656/hex.zip Use at your own risk™
  4. Always wanted to do this. Thanks man, worked perfectly!
  5. So this has been kinda dead but it's there any chance of it to be ported for browserhax? tvds is good and all but I kinda miss the convenience of QR codes for single pokémon injection.
  6. You don't need to because the traded pokémon would already have unique PID/EC anyway assuming they're legit or at least not related to yours at all. Only if it's shiny and you want to retain its shininess, you'd have to make PKHeX generate a new shiny PID (or if by luck, when you update the OT info the pokémon becomes shiny and you don't want it to be).
  7. The game doesn't check for them so it's your choice, but it's recommend to roll the PID and EC once because having two pokémon with those values equal to each other will look fishy, and you know, it's possible to extract replay data and look at it. Also if two pokémon have the same EC/PID and the same model (e. g. clones), if you put put them side by side on your box and hover the cursor between them, even if they have different stats their animation just continue running as if it was the same pokémon. Basically you're just making them "a bit more legal and unique". Never hurts to do. Also the PID isn't really tied to anything anymore and is only a legacy value used to determine shininess, so you don't really have to mind.
  8. Not really, and even if there is, we wouldn't know unless we fully figured out gen 6 RNG, which as far as I know is impossible because of how 3DS determines random events (this is what I heard back in 2013 at least, dunno if there's any update). By the way, be careful with Game Sync if you changed OT info, if you already have your Sync ID, either never sync again or create a new file. There's zero problem if you haven't synced yet though.
  9. Forgot to give Klefki the correct moves lol, will fix real quick. Brb.
  10. Hoopa can't be named. Kalos Zapdos can't be shiny, do you want it not to be shiny or to use a HGSS one instead? Otherwise, ready to trade.
  11. I changed my trainer name before and as far as I can tell there was no harm and everything Odaxis said is correct. You'll have to update your pokémon's OT though to make they be treated as yours.
  12. Never worked. It's always linked to your 3DS profile. A kinda wild guess, what MAY be confusing you is that the early X/Y days people changed their regions upon starting the game to get a Vivillon pattern of their choice then changed the region back, but that's because the patterns chosen upon starting the game then are never changed again until you start a new game, but that's only them.
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