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  1. Alright, I've managed to run the Homebrew Launcher via the browser. Will method of importing/exporting to a game work with Sun & Moon work once they release as long as I have the new PkHeX? Sorry, I'm new to Homebrew.
  2. My man. Thanks for all your work with the datamining, you sold me on the game. Can you send me a tutorial for the old 3DS XLs?
  3. This is how I do my current injections to Alpha Sapphire as I have an old 3DS XL that I haven't updated to avoid this method from being patched, it's a bit ancient but it's how I like to do it. What I'm simply asking is will this still work as long for Sun & Moon? I'll be buying the cartridge version of either one, not the digital release.
  4. Okay I have one part down now, thank you! I just need all 719 Pokemon files, is there any downloads for all of them bundled together? It'll be much easier than creating all the Pokemon files individually, I suppose that's an extreme last resort though.
  5. That isn't all the evolutions, it's mainly different final evolutions for competitive battling. Are you further elaborating on evandixon's post above or is it a separate file to download?
  6. My reasoning for doing this is in order to get the Oval Charm and the Shiny Charm in-game in order to breed easier in my copy of Omega Ruby, which ascended to nothing but my breeding game to transfer to Alpha Sapphire. I know the boxes can hold up to 930 Pokemon total, so it's a matter of if the injections can support it. Really all I need is all 719 (not including Hoopa or Volcanion) so that way I can transfer them to Pokebank to get them to register. Does anybody have a boxdata.bin file that contains all these Pokemon so I can see if it works? All help will be extremely appreciated.
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